Custom Healthcare and Medical
Software Development Services

We have a dedicated healthcare technology team that has successfully built HIPAA
compliant custom apps and websites for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Custom Healthcare Solutions and Integrations

  • Our Clients: We build healthcare infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions for startups, SMBs, medical ISVs, care providers and device manufacturers.
  • Our Services: End-to-end product development services under one roof – understanding, designing, building, deploying and maintaining software including HIPAA and other compliances.
  • CASE STUDY: A surgical workflow platform we helped build ground up for an entrepreneur has now successfully raised $1 million in venture funding.
  • CASE STUDY: From whiteboard discussions to an iPad app, we helped a Fortune 500 company (in diabetic care) increase prescription rate by 35% and 3x rise in physician access and engagement.


Some Of Our Healthcare App Development Projects

Healthcare and Medical Solutions

We build healthcare infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions across,
but not limited to, the following domains.
Digital Patient Experience
  • Applications synchronized with health tracking tools
  • Patient access to health records and resources via web or mobile.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Interactive health education
Clinical and Health Management
  • Healthcare information exchange
  • Clinical content management
  • Health monitoring and diagnosis
  • Location tracking
  • ePrescribing, patient identification and medication tracking.
Medical Practice Management
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Healthcare supply chain management
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance claims management
  • Inventory and procurement
Telemedicine and Mobility
  • Telemedicine solutions with integrated clinical features.
  • Mobile applications for CRM
  • Staff collaboration, hospital administration and ePrescribing
  • Patient health tracking, reminders and alerts


Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is the world’s 8th largest independent biotech company by market cap ($112 B). We started working with one of their country operations in 2012, building iPad solutions for their sales and marketing teams. Our quality and timely delivery has helped us acquire business from 4 more of their country operations.


ORLink is an intuitive surgical workflow platform (iOS) that Arkenea helped build ground up for a team of surgeons and medical professionals. The first iteration of the software was launched recently and piloted at a hospital and within months from the launch, the company has raised $1 million in venture funding – a testimony to the quality of product we help build at Arkenea.

Healthcare Software Development FAQs

Arkenea understands healthcare and fitness domains well – and that’s why we specialize in this vertical.

We have experience all the way from building large Hospital Information Systems (HIS) up to Mobile Healthcare Apps catering to niche healthcare workflows. Understanding your idea is the key first step towards giving it shape in the form of an experience-rich application.

We contribute insights based on our experiences to enable you to take informed decisions based on what works and what doesn’t.

This experience puts Arkenea at the top of the list among healthcare software development companies, knowing exactly what your challenges are and how to help you build a healthcare software company to scale.

We bring a unique combination of legal, compliance, IT governance, and audit expertise to every project, allowing us to quickly gauge your requirements, interpret regulatory standards, and provide meaninful guidance.

With experience in building, maintaining and auditing HIPAA compliant apps, you’re in safe hands whether you are looking for a HIPAA solution or want one to be audited.

Our unique delivery model combines North America-based analysis and project management with delivery from our team of talented developers in India. Results, service and care levels are those you would expect from the best front-office tech teams in the country.

We build web and mobile apps across various tech stacks. Which means, you can hire Python developers or hire PHP developers, we’ve got pretty much all development stacks covered based on your needs.

Refreshingly close to your average total outsourcing initiative, only without the risk and the hassle.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and we would be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal with timelines and cost estimates.