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Empower patients, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the evolving healthcare landscape with our expertly crafted, fully HIPAA- compliant healthcare mobile app solutions.

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I’ve worked with many healthcare mobile application development companies for the last 22 years, and Arkenea has been the best one so far.
John Fox
CTO, Formularly Insights Inc, New York

Ranked Among The Best Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

As a top healthcare app development company, we’ve helped our clients develop iOS and Android applications that have won awards, been featured on the app stores and top publications and raised several million dollars in venture funding. With over 14 years of dedicated experience in developing healthcare apps, we know the secret sauce to successful healthcare mobile applications.

iOS Apps

Our mobile app developers develop native iOS applications to ensure exceptional user experience and usability. We leverage the latest integrated development environment Xcode and the latest powerful and intuitive programming language Swift.

Cross Platform Apps

We create powerful healthcare apps that function seamlessly on all devices regardless of the operating systems. Almost 80% of the applications we build today, leverage React Native for cross-platform development.

Android Apps

Our Android development team has a proven track record of developing robust native applications for Android devices. Not only do we develop the application on native Android development kit, but also ensure compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.


A lot of the app development now ties in with wearables - whether for health and fitness or entertainment, we can help you build a fully connected app. We develop healthcare wearable apps for all top wearable devices including Apple watch, Google glass and Android gear.

Why Choose Arkenea For Healthcare Mobile App Development

Proven mHealth Expertise

With a team of experienced healthcare app developers and designers who bring a deep understanding of healthcare domain to every project, we cater to various stakeholders, including healthcare organizations, medical practitioners and specialists, insurers, pharmaceuticals, and startups, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

Innovation At Its Core

We stay on the cutting edge of medical mobile app development trends, continuously researching and incorporating the latest advancements into our solutions. From AI powered virtual assistants and telemedicine applications to IoT enabled remote patient monitoring software, our development team looks at ways of harnessing the power of technology to develop transformative user experiences in healthcare apps.

Interoperability and App Integration

Our mobile apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare systems, EHRs, patient portals, medical devices and other third-party platforms, facilitating smooth data exchange and improving workflow efficiency. Our interoperable solutions promote data-driven decision-making, reduce redundancies, and enhance overall care delivery.

Security and Compliance

Our medical app developers are well versed with the stringent compliance requirements and robust security measures that the healthcare industry demands. From ensuring HIPAA compliance to following FDA regulations, we implement state-of-the-art security protocols, encryption techniques, and user access controls to safeguard sensitive information and protect against data breaches.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our flexible engagement models empower you to choose the collaboration approach that suits your project needs, ensuring seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into your healthcare solutions. Whether it's a dedicated team, fixed-price project, or time and material model, we tailor our engagement to match your goals and deliver exceptional results for your healthcare app development journey.

Agile App Development Processes

With iterative cycles, constant collaboration, and adaptive planning, our agile methodology guarantees a seamless development experience. From sprint planning to regular reviews, we prioritize your project's success by fostering a collaborative environment, enabling swift adjustments, and delivering high-quality mobile apps that resonate with the ever-changing demands of the digital landscape.

Arkenea’s Healthcare Mobile Application Development Services

Healthcare Mobile App Design And Development

  • Healthcare app consultation and feature set creation
  • Prototyping and user friendly UI/UX design
  • HIPAA compliant app development and testing
  • Third-party integrations
  • Healthcare app launch and support

Healthcare Mobile App Modernization and Upgrade

  • App assessment and identification of areas of improvement
  • UI/UX redesign
  • Integration of new features and performance optimization
  • Cross-platform compatibility testing
  • Security and compliance enhancements

Healthcare Mobile App Support and Maintenance

  • Existing app analysis and need assessment
  • Healthcare app support and maintenance
  • Compliance and security monitoring
  • App evolution planning ( cloud migration, additional functionalities etc.) and execution

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Success Stories

We ensure your native iOS, Android or React Native mobile application delights your customers. Our cutting-edge app development process has created the following success stories.

ORLink iPad App

We helped ORLINK design and develop a surgical workflow platform as an iPad application that went on to raise $1 million in venture funding on launch. This application, since then has also been developed for iPhones, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms as well. It has made its pilot across several hospitals in the United States. See more such case studies in our medical software development services.

TeleMedHome iOS Application

Arkenea developed the TeleMedHome iOS application for two physician entrepreneurs. This HIPAA-compliant iOS application empowers patients, families, medical providers and health care organizations to collaboratively manage chronic medical conditions at home, with telemedicine functionalities. This healthcare mobile application has been designed to have a highly intuitive user interface to keep patients on track of their health tracking with timely reminders.

Kethan Solutions' iOS Application

This Artificial Intelligence-led healthcare iOS application helps medical professionals to easily identify the implants that show up on x-rays of patients. This helps in saving time, resources and human error associated with manual identification and verification. Arkenea designed and developed this medical mobile application from the ground up including the artificial intelligence algorithms.

Novo Nordisk iPad Applications

We helped develop an enterprise sales iPad app for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to streamline their product presentations, which helped the company increase their prescription rates. This healthcare iPad application features all their top brands and products with their key attributes to streaming the physician-medical representative communication.

Bespoke Mobile App Development Services

  • EHR mobile apps
  • Medical billing apps
  • Clinical decision support apps
  • Inventory management apps
  • Scheduling apps
  • Appointment management applications
  • Remote patient monitoring apps
  • Practice management apps
  • Medical research applications
  • Appointment scheduling apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Patient portals
  • Fitness apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Symptom checker apps
  • Medication tracking apps

Why Choose Arkenea


Domain Experts

12+ years of experience as a 100% healthcare mobile app development company developing HIPAA-compliant native and cross platform mobile applications for clients.


Top Ranked

Ranked among the top healthcare app development companies in the world by industry research report titled Global Intelligent Apps Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026.


Loved by Clients

Highest number of success stories and positive reviews among healthcare software companies. Over 85% of our Top 20 clients in 2020 have been clients for the past 7 years.



We're consistently featured in top business and healthcare publications and trade magazines for our opinions about the healthcare software and technology space.

Our Healthcare App Development Process

Our medical app development services don’t leave anything to assumption and make sure your expectations are met fully. That’s what makes us a top notch healthcare mobile app development company.

apple, computer, keyboard


Getting to know you and your business.

  • Brainstorming and requirement gathering
  • Project timeline mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market assessment


Creating a mobile app prototype and product roadmap.

  • Prototyping
  • Interactive wireframes
  • User journey mapping


Determining the form, function and layout of the app.

  • Front-end and back-end development
  • API integration
  • Database design and integration


Developing and testing the iOS and Android app.

  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Security testing


Launching on the app stores and help maintain and iterate.

  • Deployment planning
  • Data migration and interoperability

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