Bring Your Ideas To Life

In just 4 weeks, we help you define your vision and translate that to a fully interactive prototype, so you can validate your concept or raise money at peace.

Arkenea has helped evolve the project and hone its ideas. The product has brought in significant financial resources.
Rick Baker
CTO and Chief Strategist, ORLINK, Kentucky


Save money, raise money and validate your ideas quickly with our
mobile app prototyping and website prototyping services.


We’ll help you write the script – define what your web or mobile app does, the problems it solves for your core customers, its competitive advantage, website and mobile app prototype and market positioning. All this in real-time, while collaborating with you.

"Once you crack the script, everything else follows,"

-Ridley Scott


We sketch out your ideas and explore various ways to approach the product solution so that we find a solution and a website and mobile app prototype that has the best potential for success. Our design process makes your prototype interactive, streamlined and clickable, using high and low fidelity prototyping tools.


You get first hand, real-time feedback from your customers, audience and stakeholders when presenting them a mobile app prototype or a website prototype. Let them test the user experience first hand to help you further solidify the script and the user flows for faster decision making.


Website Prototyping or Mobile App Prototyping will help you save money that you would otherwise spend on building a bloated product your customers may not fully use. You can also leverage the app prototype to pitch to investors to raise initial capital.


Mobile App Prototyping

As a digital health consulting and services firm, we’ve helped entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds with mobile app prototyping, so they don’t burn through cash quickly.

What you receive is a mobile app prototype for iOS and Android platform that helps you validate your product (and raise money too) with minimal expense and create a more robust prototype for building the entire mobile app.

This includes fully-interactive wireframes, responsive design elements, a detailed technology development project plan (technology roadmap) and complete functional specifications document for the iOS and/or Android mobile app.

Website Prototyping

Give your prospective customers and investors a viable site they can interact with your website prototype.

As one of the first steps in building a successful web app, website prototyping provides a great solution for ideating and validating your website concept, for user flow feedback or to raise money.

As ranked among one of the best digital health solutions companies, we deliver complete wireframes, a design theme, web app functional specifications document, detailed project plan for development and web design and a web prototype to launch your web application.


You know your business goals are in safe hands when you sign on for web and mobile app prototyping with a trusted brand like us.

Arkenea is able to offer a true product development experience to its clients by attracting the product engineering talent to the consulting business.

Arkenea is the leading App Product Development firm helping non-tech founders build better apps, mobile, and e-commerce websites.

Arkenea promises to partner with its clients as consultants, from the moment an MVP is created until after a launch has been completed. It puts its money where its mouth is.

Rahul Varshneya leads a full product development team at Arkenea that always delivers more value than they take in payment.


Arkenea has offices in multiple locations serving global clients with our top ranked user experience and development team.


Dallas, Texas

4100 Midway Rd #2120,
Carrollton, TX 75007


Raleigh, North Carolina

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These are answers to common questions people like you have about choosing a application prototyping company for website prototyping and mobile app prototyping.

Q. What is web and mobile app prototyping?

Prototyping is a widely used technique across all industries to help people with strategic and long-term planning for their software development projects. This prototyping process delivers a detailed business strategy and technology development document, high and low fidelity prototypes designed via prototyping tools and an IT roadmap for budgeting and strategic planning purposes.

Q. Why should I hire your company to build a prototype vs using prototyping tools?

Prototyping tools only provide you a platform to design the prototype. They are completely self serving platforms that don’t help you bring clarity on the features, functionalities and user flows, all of which you’d then have to create on your own. That is where a mobile app prototyping or a website prototyping company like Arkenea helps clients like you to create a prototype that is detailed at a granular level and provides all key stakeholders complete clarity on the development process. We, in turn, use the same prototyping tools during our design process once we’ve laid out the detailed technology roadmap for your website or mobile app (iOS and/or Android).

Q. What prototyping and design tools do you use and what is your design process?

We use a variety of prototyping and design tools based on your project needs. Whether it is JustInMind for wireframing or Invision for creating high-fidelity mockups, we have experience in using just about any prototyping tool that’s worth its while. Our design process documents the problems and how you intend to solve them via new technology development, along with an understanding of who your customers are. Based on this information, we come up with user experience and design themes that delight your customers.