Transforming Your Vision Into Interactive Experiences In Just 4 Weeks

In just 4 weeks, we help you define your vision and translate that to a fully interactive app prototype, so you can validate your website or mobile application concept or raise money at peace.

Arkenea has helped evolve the project and hone its ideas. The product has brought in significant financial resources.
Rick Baker
CTO and Chief Strategist, ORLINK, Kentucky

Mobile App And Website Prototyping Services

Refine the concept and streamline the development process by ensuring a well thought out user interface and interactive wireframes. Save money, raise money and validate your ideas quickly with our mobile app prototyping and website prototyping services.

Build Products Customers Love

We’ll help you write the script – define what your web or mobile app does, the problems it solves for your core customers, its competitive advantage, website and mobile app prototype and market positioning. All this in real-time, while collaborating with you.

Fully Interactive Realistic Prototype

We sketch out your ideas and explore various ways to approach the product solution so that we find a solution and a website and mobile app prototype that has the best potential for success. Our design process makes your prototype interactive, streamlined and clickable, using high and low fidelity design and prototyping tools.

Validate Your Idea With User Testing

You get first hand, real-time feedback from your customers, audience and stakeholders when presenting them a mobile app prototype or a website prototype. Let them test the user experience first hand to help you further solidify the script and the user flows for faster decision making.

Save And Raise Money

Website Prototyping or Mobile App Prototyping will help you save money that you would otherwise spend on building a bloated product your customers may not fully use. You can also leverage the app prototype to pitch to investors to raise initial capital.

Key Benefits of Web and Mobile App Prototyping

Clear visualization of your ideas that can be validated through user testing.

Allows all stakeholders to understand your vision.

Enhanced user experience through interactive wireframes and prototypes.

Save time, effort and money through scalable web and mobile app development.

Website Prototyping and Mobile App Prototyping Services


Our UX designers sketch out the wireframe designs for your website and apps to get a clear understanding of how the end user would interact with the design interface.


Clearly visualize the elements of design such as fonts, layouts etc to get clarity on how the final design would look. Mockups allow you to make changes in the design before entering the production environment.


Our UX architects work on fully interactive working models of the website or application that allows you to discover opportunities to engage your end users better.

Mobile App Prototyping

As a custom healthcare software development company, we’ve helped entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds with mobile app prototyping, so they don’t burn through cash quickly.

What you receive is a mobile app prototype for iOS and Android platform that helps you validate your product (and raise money too) with minimal expense and create a more robust prototype for developing the entire mobile app.

This includes fully-interactive wireframes, responsive design elements, a detailed technology development project plan (technology roadmap) and complete functional specifications document for the iOS and/or Android mobile app.

Website Prototyping

Give your prospective customers and investors a viable site they can interact with your website prototype.

As one of the first steps in developing a successful web app, website prototyping provides a great solution for ideating and validating your website concept, for user flow feedback or to raise money. Most HealthTech platforms are best custom developed as websites or web applications, such as EMR/EHR development, telemedicine application development, healthcare operations software, prescription management software, among others.

As ranked among one of the best digital health solutions companies, we deliver complete wireframes, a design theme, web app functional specifications document, detailed project plan for development and web design and a web prototype to launch your web application.

Prototyping Process That Sets You Up For Success

Work with experienced designers. Enhance your ideas and engage your stakeholders by following our roadmap of website and mobile app prototyping.

Discovery Stage

All functionalities are defined and wireframes are created that helps visualize the features keeping in mind the end users and pre defined goals.

Design Stage

High fidelity prototypes are developed using design and prototyping tools ensuring that the look and feel of the visual elements is in line with the vision.

Testing and Refinement Stage

User testing is crucial for refining the prototype and identifying areas that need improvement. This is the time when we get feedback from the end users and incorporate it in the prototype.

Delivery Stage

The interactive prototype and the project’s scope related documentation is handed over which can be used as an MVP for the stakeholders and potential clients as well as the structure for the development phase to commence.

Why Choose Arkenea


Domain Experts

10+ years of experience as a 100% healthcare specific custom software development company developing HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications for clients.


Top Ranked

Ranked among the top software development companies in the world by industry research report titled Global Intelligent Apps Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026.


Loved by Clients

Highest number of success stories and positive reviews among healthcare software companies. Over 85% of our Top 20 clients in 2020 have been clients for the past 7 years.



We're consistently featured in top business and healthcare publications and trade magazines for our opinions about the healthcare software and technology space.

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FAQs About Website Prototyping and Mobile App Prototyping Services

What is web and mobile app prototyping?

Prototyping is a widely used technique across all industries to help people with strategic and long-term planning for their software development projects. This prototyping process delivers a detailed business strategy and technology development document, high and low fidelity prototypes designed via prototyping tools and an IT roadmap for budgeting and strategic planning purposes.

Why should I hire your company to build a prototype vs using prototyping tools?

Prototyping tools only provide you a platform to design the prototype. They are completely self serving platforms that don’t help you bring clarity on the features, functionalities and user flows, all of which you’d then have to create on your own. That is where a mobile app prototyping or a website prototyping company like Arkenea helps clients like you to create a prototype that is detailed at a granular level and provides all key stakeholders complete clarity on the development process. We, in turn, use the same prototyping tools during our design process once we’ve laid out the detailed technology roadmap for your website or mobile app (iOS and/or Android).

What prototyping and design tools do you use and what is your design process?

We use a variety of prototyping and design tools based on your project needs. Whether it is JustInMind for wireframing or Invision for creating high-fidelity mockups, we have experience in using just about any prototyping tool that’s worth its while. Our design process documents the problems and how you intend to solve them via new technology development, along with an understanding of who your customers are. Based on this information, we come up with user experience and design themes that delight your customers.

What is the difference between prototyping and developing an MVP?

A prototype and an MVP are both lightweight early versions of the final product however a prototype’s main function is to test the idea whereas a minimum viable product tests the features. A prototype acts as an interactive version that acts as a proof of concept for the stakeholders but is not fully functional and does not have all the features. The MVP on the other hand has all the basic features that are needed to fulfil the needs of the initial users. A MVP is thus a prototype at heart is further along the product development journey.