Software Development For Healthcare Organizations

Building digital platforms that enable healthcare companies to improve the lives of their customers.

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Digital Health Innovation and Business Strategy

We are an award-winning software development firm, helping healthcare companies transform complex problems into positive, real-world outcomes via digital health solutions and services.

Digital Health Strategy

We help you create an actionable strategy and digital health implementation plan tailored to your specific patient demands. This sets the precedent for a holistic patient experience.

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Digital Health Solutions

Changing the way healthcare is delivered by implementing innovative digital health solutions – from Telemedicine to Artificial Intelligence, we cover the entire spectrum of patient engagement.

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Healthcare App Development

We help you create disruptive web and mobile applications with functionalities that are aligned to your patient’s needs, led by cutting-edge user experience.

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Arkenea has helped evolve the project and hone its ideas. The product has brought significant financial resources.
Rick Baker
CTO and Chief Strategist, ORLINK, Kentucky


Whether it is being featured in research reports compared to IBM, Google and Oracle or validation via independent media, Arkenea has been the top software development firm of choice since 2011.

Arkenea is able to offer a true product development experience to its clients by attracting the product engineering talent to the consulting business.

Arkenea is the leading App Product Development firm helping non-tech founders build better apps, mobile, and e-commerce websites.

It puts its money where its mouth is.

Major vendors in the global intelligent apps market include IBM, Google, AWS, Oracle, Facebook, Arkenea, SAP SE and Intel, among others.

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