Our Company

“The results were impressive, we found listening ears, caring hands and most important, an honest professional people in how they identified our challenges and how it should be solved.” – OTASYS Labs

Our Story

Arkenea is a full-service, custom healthcare software development company that helps fast growing healthcare organizations, whether Fortune 500 or startups, accelerate product time to market with custom healthcare and medical software development and UI/UX design.

Healthcare organizations prefer Arkenea for their digital transformation and applications as it’s the only company in its category that is 100% dedicated towards healthcare software development for the last decade.

Arkenea started in 2011 with a core team of 6 software professionals working with customers such as Warner Bros, Dubai Duty Free and Novo Nordisk. We’ve grown now to three offices, with a total team strength of over 50.

Arkenea came into existence to disrupt the business model of a traditional software development firm, to add more value to clients. This model was covered across top publications such as HuffPost.

Success Stories That Define Arkenea

Arkenea Ranked

We were recently featured in this research report, that highlights Arkenea among the top app development companies in the World. The report features Arkenea among IBM, Google, SAP, Microsoft, etc.

Client Testimony

The biggest testimony to a development partner is when the client brings as a part of their business and growth. Our founder Rahul Varshneya now sits on advisory board of one of our client. Here’s the coverage.

Client Successes

Our most recent client raised $1 million in venture funding, a testimony to the quality of product we build. And our eCommerce client doubled their revenues after we rearchitected their platform.


Employee Focused and Customer Centric

We encourage all our employees to spend time each week towards learning and and enhancing their skills with an allocated 3% of employee time annually towards formal trainings and skill development courses. Project retrospective learning is spread to all company employees as well.

Project Management

Our software development lifecycle entails Requirement Gathering > Analysis > Design > Unit Testing > Code > Code Reviews > QA Test > Delivery.

We use SCRUM.

  1. Unified Product Backlog, which is maintained by Client and our Project Manager
  2. Bi-weekly sprints
  3. Daily standup meeting with team and if possible, the client included in the same call.
  4. Product demo at the end of each sprint
  5. Retrospective and sprint planning meetings

Basecamp is our internal project management tool and is also used at times in conjunction with most of our customers. We also use tools such as Asana, JIRA, Rally, etc based on our customer requirements.

Governance Model

Steering Team (monthly):Key high-level stakeholders from either side who meet once a month to review the progress and take key decisions in guiding the project operational team. It is chaired by the Project Manager who is responsible for reporting the progress and noting the actionables and executing them.

Sprint Demo (bi-weekly):Once in two weeks, the Project Manager is responsible to invite the client stakeholders to view the demo of the progress and seek feedback.

Standup (daily): This is a daily short meeting to review the previous days work, get clarity on queries. It’s best if the client SPOC can attend this meeting over call.