Custom Laboratory Management Software Solutions

Build a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to boost the efficiency of your lab and streamline workflows.

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How A Custom Developed Solution Is Better

Streamline Data Management

Stay on top of sample data management with LIMS. Ensure accurate recording of sample data throughout the lab workflows.

Increase Laboratory Efficiency

Automate the laboratory workflows right from the inventory and sample management processes to increase the lab efficiency.

Build Workflows For Compliance

Configure your lab’s order management, specimen collection and recording workflows while ensuring the necessary compliance to the regulatory norms.

Quality Assurance

Develop personalized management dashboards for real time insights into the key performance indicators ensuring that the quality standards are met.

Develop A Laboratory Management Software To Meet Your Different Needs

Hospital Laboratory Management Software

Develop a laboratory information management system that promotes interoperability with other enterprise software solutions such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Billing Software, Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

Manage the complete clinical workflow lifecycle for your hospital laboratory. Use technology to empower your staff to automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples to produce reliable results.


Routing of the patients to the appropriate lab section and ensuring optimal sample preparation.

Integration of the laboratory workflow with lab automation platforms and data analysis platforms.

Test result interpretation and documentation, clinical review and billing. Comparison of the results against the key performance indicators.

Genetic Laboratory Management Software

Genomics labs generate huge volumes of data and have a high sample throughput. Develop a laboratory management software to enhance the efficiency of your genomics and molecular pathology laboratory. 

This custom healthcare software helps you manage and sequence samples with accuracy in an high throughput environment. Track and centralize your lab data while producing reliable results and optimizing data from sequencing runs to boost the lab efficiency.

Configurable Genomics Workflow

Set up the custom workflow for meeting the complex requirements of your genetic/genomics lab.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Develop a spreadsheet-based interface for your laboratory to manage high volumes of data effectively.

Capacity Planning Tools

Managing laboratory instruments or planning for lab personnel, use of configurable capacity planning tools to optimize for efficiency.


Histopathology and Molecular Biology Laboratory Management Software

Develop a powerful clinical laboratory software tailored to meet the needs of your histopathology and molecular biology laboratories. 

Manage laboratory sample information and other associated scientific data, standardize workflows and reduce the margin of error to improve the overall efficiency.

Standards and Reagents Manager

Keep track of the expiration date, lot numbers, vendor IDs for all the reagents used in the laboratory.

Robust Reporting

Software tools to help manage case records and log accurate reports for documentation.

Traceability and Tracking

Track sample data through the laboratory workflow and ensure traceability of reagents and instruments used in lab testing for analytical accuracy.

Putting Your Customers' Needs First

Key Features of Laboratory Information Management Systems

Sample Management

Ensure sample management processes in place for governing specimen management and accessioning for sample integrity and data quality.

Inventory Management

Manage stock supplies, storage and reordering for essential laboratory materials and equipment. Automate reordering or depleted stocks and disposal of expired items.

Instrument Management

Keep up-to-date on the management, maintenance and upkeep of the laboratory instruments. Automate the scheduling for maintenance of lab instruments.

Laboratory Dashboard

Get a complete overview of the samples analysed and queued up to determine the current timelines and come up with strategies to reduce the turnaround time.

Lab Automation

Automate all the manual processes within your laboratory right from data entry to report generation to boost the efficiency.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Share, analyze and audit the reports within the Laboratory information management system to streamline data visualization and get data-driven insights.


Ensuring safety and security of patient health information is crucial for business continuity. Whether you choose to host data on premise or on cloud, custom development takes all cybersecurity norms in consideration.

Billing and Payments

Manage all the laboratory payments in a unified dashboard. Check the payment flow, stay updated on the outstanding dues and streamline bill generation and payments for your lab.


Ensure data encryption and secure system access for compliance with regulatory norms. Stay on top of EHR retention and data archival for complying with the latest compliance requirements.

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