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Client Success Stories

“Arkenea’s work is entirely responsible for getting us investments.”

I wasn’t clear on everything in the beginning, and they helped me work through it all. This isn’t a project for amateurs or people who exaggerate their capabilities. Arkenea has behaved professionally and concentrated all their attention on my product. They’ve handled themselves with a lot of class. In my 30 years of experience, I’ve never accomplished this much in a single project before.
Rick Baker

CTO and Chief Strategist, ORLink Surgical Workflow Platform

“Arkenea takes ownership of the project, and it shows.”

I’ve worked with outsourcing firms for the last 11 years, and Arkenea has been the best one so far. Arkenea developed an effective and reliable application for us. The team’s attention to detail makes the quality of their work stand out. I’ve been managing UI/UX for 21 years, and they have caught things that I missed.

John Fox

CTO, Formulary Insights Inc, Drug Monograph Automation

“Arkenea delivered everything we asked for!”

I am pleased with how quickly they respond to our questions, suggestions, or queries. They have always been accessible when we need them. Arkenea is always willing to find a technical solution to problems we encounter. They have tremendous technical expertise, and in my opinion, they can tackle any kind of project no matter how simple or complicated.
Stefanos Papapanagiotou

Founder, Feelya Telemedicine Application

Case Studies on Telemedicine App Development


Feelya Telemedicine App

Arkenea helped increase sales revenue by rearchitecting the telemedicine app.
We helped revise the user experience of the mental health telemedicine application to increase user engagement. We redesigned and built a new client and therapist journey that would be more attractive and easy to use. We also revamped the booking process to make it more efficient. The end result was increased client and therapist registrations, driving their revenues north.

United Medical Group Telemedicine Application

We helped UMG scale their multi-practice setup by leveraging telemedicine to include physician contractors.
Arkenea helped UMG build a web-based telemedicine application for patients to consult with physicians and specialists on-demand, with transparent and straightforward unified pricing where the patient pays in cash and not with insurance. UMG is striving to improve community health all across the country by building a large network of affiliate relationships with hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing entities.

TeleMedHome Telemedicine Application

Arkenea helped bring TeleMedHome MVP to market quickly for faster iterations. We helped create a detailed blueprint and architecture of the telemedicine application for the physician-entrepreneur team of TeleMedHome. With the initial prototype development, we were able to design and develop the first version (MVP) of the telemedicine and symptom tracker application quickly to begin live testing of the market viability.




With over 10 years of designing and developing telemedicine applications with HIPAA compliance, we ensure that the right technical safeguards are implemented in your telemedicine website or mobile application and will also help you identify and host at a HIPAA compliant hosting server, such as Amazon AWS,, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the core features to consider during telemedicine application development?

The must have features to include in telemedicine app development are patient-provider interactions through audio and video conferencing, patient history management, clinical documentation, EHR integration, appointment scheduling and calendar management. In addition to these core features, HIPAA compliance needs to be baked into the backbone of custom telemedicine app being developed.

Here's a list of core functionalities, but not limited to, for each user type that would be interacting with the telemedicine application.

1. Patient signs consent form: The patient is able to give consent to the way their personal and health information will be used on the platform. The patient is able to eSign the consent forms to get medical documents signed on time so that healthcare-related pronouncements can be approved and implemented faster through HIPAA compliant electronic signature.
2. Patient Provides Health, Social & Family History. The patient is able to provide their health history, their family and social history on the platform.
3. Patient Fills Intake Form. The patient is able to mention their current health conditions. The patient is given an intake form to enter the purpose of booking an appointment with a doctor. The intake form makes the entire process quick and hassle free.
4. View & Search Doctors. The patient is able to search a doctor by various parameters such as doctor’s name, specialty, city and state based on their current location. They also get a list of preferred doctors with whom they have attended an online consultation session.
5. View Upcoming Appointments. The patient must see the upcoming appointments booked with doctors.
6. Account Management. The patient is able to view and manage their account and edit the details.
7. Book Appointment. The patient is able to book an appointment with a doctor. The patient is able to book an on-demand appointment or schedule it for later. They will be able to select a time duration of consultation and view the charges for the time duration.
8. View Doctor’s Information. The patient is able to view the doctor’s profile before booking an appointment with them.

1. Mark availability. The doctor is able to mark their availability on the platform to receive appointments. They will be able to set up their weekly schedule.
2. View Dashboard. The doctor is able to view all the upcoming appointments and new appointment requests from patients.
3. Profile Management. The doctor will be able to manage their profile and account settings.

1. Manage intake form. The admin of the platform is able to manage the questions and their answer types in the intake form.
2. Assign Patient To A Doctor. The admin is able to reassign a patient, who is assigned to a doctor by the system, to another doctor on the platform. For this, the admin will be able to search and select the patient and assign to another doctor.

2. What are the typical costs of developing a telemedicine app?

A custom telemedicine app development company can charge anywhere from $50,000 to upwards of $300,000 depending on the features and complexities of the application being developed. The development of a basic HIPAA compliant telemedicine application which only has doctor-patient interaction as its main offering will take less time and be considerably cost effective than developing a feature-rich application that has more functionalities and requires complex integrations. The time required to develop such an application would also be higher, contributing to its costs.

3. What are the technology integrations for developing telemedicine software?

The custom developed telemedicine application needs to integrate with the existing software that your practice uses. This includes integration with EHR/EMR software, appointment scheduling software, billing software, etc. Additionally, remote patient monitoring devices and patient wearables can also be integrated with the telemedicine software being developed to ensure data driven healthcare delivery. Some of the other integrations would be to facilitate functionalities of video or audio calling using Zoom or Twilio. A telemedicine app development like Arkenea also helps its clients integrate third-party solution providers for ePrescription and even patient's insurance.

4. What key skills/experience must a telemedicine app development company have?

Specialization in the field of healthcare software development is something that one should look for when hiring a telemedicine application development company. A company like Arkenea has more than 10 years of experience working in the custom healthcare software development niche and is well versed in the compliance and regulatory requirements (HIPAA, HITECH, etc) involved in telemedicine app development. Partnering with a team that has expertise and knowledge, and has worked on developing telemedicine solutions in the past can set you up for success and ensure that the custom developed telemedicine software remains scalable, compliant and offers a superior user experience.

5. What are the different roles of a telemedicine app development team?

A multifunctional team is involved in telemedicine app development consisting of developers, quality assurance team, business analysts, and project managers. By following an Agile approach in software development, the team holds daily standups to review the daily tasks and get resolution to queries in order to ensure scalable development. Sprint demos are held on a bi-weekly basis where the clients get the demo of the telemedicine software being developed and give their feedback. The steering team also gets together on a monthly basis to review the progress and provide guidance to the development and operational teams.

6. What is the difference between Telehealth and telemedicine app development?

Telehealth encompasses a broader scope of remote healthcare delivery solutions. Telemedicine on the other hand is a subset of telehealth. Telemedicine app development comprises real-time and store-and-forward applications for doctor patient interaction. Telehealth app development on the other hand also contains remote patient monitoring applications and mHealth apps in addition to conventional telemedicine application development.

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