Custom Prescription Management Software Development

Streamline your pharmacy’s business workflows to enable dispensing of high volume prescriptions with a prescription management software specifically developed to meet your unique requirements.

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Why Develop Prescription Management Software With Arkenea

Domain Expertise

With 100% focus on healthcare software development and more than a decade of experience developing healthcare specific custom software solutions, Arkenea is a trusted brand in the healthcare space.

Unparalleled Client Focus

Arkenea has a robust and scalable development process in place for developing fully customizable and feature rich healthcare and medical software solutions for your pharmacy.

Strict Data Safety Norms

Expertise in developing healthcare software compliant to HIPAA and HITRUST regulations. All PHI collected, stored and transmitted by the software undergoes encryption and de-identification with built-in technical safeguards.

Customer Satisfaction

We have the highest number of success stories and positive reviews among healthcare software companies. Over 85% of our Top 20 clients in 2020 have been clients for the past 7 years.

Key Features and Benefits of a Custom Prescription Management Software

The clients can enter the prescription details in the online database and place their orders online. Hassle free ordering of medications from the pharmacy that is both convenient and time-saving.

Customers can get access to the best value deals and avail the benefits of discounts and loyalty programs offered by the pharmacy in order to get the best deals on their prescriptions.

Integrated pharmacy dashboard that offers information about medication substitutes in case the prescribed brand is not available. In case your pharmacy functions across multiple locations, it can also get you information about the availability of particular prescription medication at a particular location.

Get complete access to all medication-related information including drug composition, adverse drug reactions,and  possible complications from medication consumption.

It allows you to automate all the routine tasks right from managing the inventory to filling prescription refills and report generation. Automation not only makes dispensing of medications simpler, but it also increases the return on investment, increasing the business profitability.

A single dashboard for overseeing all the pharmacy operations including order entry, upcoming and pending orders, checking availability of medications and dispensing the orders to the right patient.

Putting Your Customers' Needs First

Unified Custom Software To Meet All Your Pharmacy Needs

Develop custom prescription management software to reduce errors, save time and enable physicians to spend more time at the patient’s bedside rather than being busy filing medication paperwork. 

Medication Adherence

Software that helps your patients get access to their medication and ensure adherence to their prescribed regimen.

Accuracy of Medication Delivery

Ensure that the right medication is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

Prescription Reimbursement

Oversee prescription payments, billing and reimbursement in a single dashboard.

Automated Medication Management

Make use of technology to streamline the pharmacy workflows while reducing the chances of medication errors.

ePrescriptions Generation

Integrated platform to refill prescriptions, get notified about refills due dates, upload prescriptions and save for future reference.

Patient Profile Management

Empower patients to add and update their personal medication and insurance information in the pharmacy database.

Why Choose Arkenea As Prescription Management Software Development Company


Domain Experts

10+ years of experience as a 100% healthcare specific custom software development company developing HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications for clients.


Top Ranked

Ranked among the top software development companies in the world by industry research report titled Global Intelligent Apps Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026.


Loved by Clients

Highest number of success stories and positive reviews among healthcare software companies. Over 85% of our Top 20 clients in 2020 have been clients for the past 7 years.



We're consistently featured in top business and healthcare publications and trade magazines for our opinions about the healthcare software and technology space.

FAQs To Choose A Prescription Management Software Development Company

1. What are the benefits of developing a prescription management software?

Pharmacies that develop prescription management software in order to boost their operational efficiency while maintaining quality, convenience, and satisfaction. Prescription management systems also enable streamlining of communication between the patients and the pharmacy while ensuring that the prescription refills take place seamlessly and on time.

3. Who should get a prescription management software developed?

Whether you are a single pharmacy or are a chain of multiple pharmacies, prescription management software can be a valuable addition to your tech stack and streamline your operations. Identify the areas within your existing workflow that can be automated and take a decision whether your pharmacy would benefit from getting a prescription management system custom developed for you.

5. What are the must have components in a prescription management app?

A prescription management application would have two components- the patient app and the pharmacy app. The patient app has features such as user onboarding, prescription ordering, online payments, order tracking, prescription refills and push notifications for refill reminders. The pharmacy app has the options to manage orders, patients and prescriptions. It also has a comprehensive dashboard to give you an eagle eye view of the operations of the entire pharmacy as well as customized reports for making data driven decisions for your pharmacy.

2. What are the aspects of pharmacy operations that a prescription management system can look after?

A prescription management system can streamline multiple aspects of your pharmacy operations. These include the following:

  • Automation of pharmacy workflows
  • Prescription dispensing
  • Patient communication
  • Inventory management
  • Access to medication information

4. What features should you include when developing a prescription management software?

The exact features that you can include in your software can vary according to the scope of your project. However, here are some of the features that you should consider when developing a prescription management software for your pharmacy:

  • Patient profile creation and management
  • eRecords of the prescriptions
  • Order management
  • Automated prescription refills
  • Report generation
  • Inventory management
  • Billings and payment
  • Alerts and push notifications
  • HIPAA compliant data storage

6. How much does prescription management software cost?

Custom developing a prescription management software for your pharmacy can range anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 and even beyond. The exact development costs of the prescription management software will depend on what features you need, the timeline of development and the experience and expertise of the software developers that you partner with. If your requirements are defined, the consultants at Arkenea can help you arrive at the exact development costs for your project.

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