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If you’re currently evaluating Buildfire for your app development needs and looking for Buildfire reviews online, this article will give you more than what you need to know about Buildfire and using an app builder to build your mobile app.

We will talk about what are the pros and cons of using an app builder like Buildfire vs working with a custom software development company like Arkenea.

But first, you need to understand what an App Builder is.

What is an app builder and how does it work?

An app builder is an online tool that lets you bypass the mobile app development cycle and results in creation of mobile applications at a considerably low cost and with a shorter development time. Depending on the type of app you are developing, you need to select the features to be added, and you are done. You have a mobile app ready without ever writing a single line of code.

Less time, less money and no coding, sounds like a great deal right? Well, that may not be the case.

App builders do come with their own set of cons. App development process is a complex one involving a lot of steps right including mobile app prototyping, designing the user interface, testing and launching it. It also involves logging of a number of expert hours of development which is completely bypassed when using app builders.

Here is a comparative analysis of an app builder (Buildfire) with a custom app development platform (Arkenea) which should help you in making the decision when it comes to choosing one among the two.


Buildfire Arkenea
Flexibility and Innovation Buildfire offers a templated approach of app development and does not allow complete flexibility to create unique workflows and algorithms like artificial intelligence in your app. Arkenea offers a much wider scope for flexibility to include innovative solutions like leveraging AI and creating unique features, so your app doesn’t look like other templated ones.
UI/UX Design The look, feel and the functionality of your app is always at a risk of appearing too generic, since the designs are templated. At Arkenea, we have professional UI/UX designers that create unique design experiences that are based on a research about your target audience.
Performance You have to rely on Buildfire’s own technology stack (frontend and backend language, database, hosting, etc) which may not be best suited for the type of app you’re creating. A one-size-fit-all solution may not be right for your unique idea. Arkenea’s solutions architects pick the right technology stack that is best suited for your product type while custom coding, ensuring maximum performance output and staying current with technology trends.
Industry Experience Buildfire has built over 10k apps which are templated. They can claim experience with numbers, but not necessarily depth of knowledge across the industries, because you’re working off a template and not their industry experts. Buildfire Clutch reviews are only quantitative. Arkenea, with 8 years of experience, builds custom solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses across different industries by deep diving into each industry and offering insights through its domain experts. Arkenea’s customer reviews are qualitative.
Prototyping There is no prototyping service offered by Buildfire. Arkenea helps you validate your ideal concept by creating a product roadmap for your mobile app. From idea to creating a prototype in just 4 weeks.
Pricing Pricing is completely variable at Buildfire with 3 subscription-based pricing plans, plus additional costs for any customization. If your budget is under $10k for a complete app, Buildfire may be an option for you. At Arkenea, you go through a complimentary discovery phase and you receive a fixed price proposal, so you know exactly what would be built and how much you’d pay for it, without any surprises along the way.
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Here Are Some Things To Consider Before Deciding

  • Arkenea was recently featured in this research report, that highlights Arkenea among the top app development companies in the World. The report features Arkenea among IBM, Google, SAP, Microsoft, etc.
  • The biggest testimony to a development partner is when the client brings as a part of their business and growth. Our founder Rahul Varshneya now sits on advisory board of one of our client. Here’s the coverage.
  • Our most recent client just raised $1 million in venture funding, a testimony to the quality of product we helped build ground up. Then there’s an eCommerce client who doubled their revenues after we rearchitected their platform.
  • A tech startup that we helped build from scratch was just acquired by Ziff Davis (acquired Mashable last year). MarTechAdvisor is America’s Top 10 Marketing Technology media companies.

Choosing from the top app development companies can define how successful you will be with your app idea.

Vinati Kamani

Vinati is a content writer at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping businesses and entrepreneurs build custom web and mobile apps.

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