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An app builder is an online tool that lets you bypass the mobile app development cycle and results in the creation of mobile applications at a considerably low cost and with a shorter development time.

Depending on the type of app you are developing, you just need to select the templates and features to be added, and you are done. You have a mobile app ready without ever writing a single line of code.

Buildfire is a cloud-based DIY mobile app building software that allows users to simply drag and drop the elements within the app.

Mobile app development using app builders such as buildfire can be a good fit for you if you happen to be someone who doesn’t have requisite coding skills and wants to build an app as a hobby.

On the other hand, if you really want to make your app idea profitable, you need to bank on the experts and choose custom app development.

Buildfire reviews consistently say one thing- the platform is easy to use if you are looking to build a run of the mill mobile application that doesn’t focus on user interface design and customization aspect.

If you are looking to build a truly customized app that has a unique user experience and results in customer satisfaction, Buildfire doesn’t really fit the bill.

If you’re currently evaluating Buildfire for your app development needs and looking for Buildfire reviews online, this article will give you more than what you need to know.  It would also clear the air about the pros and cons of choosing an app builder like Buildfire over custom app development and help you make the choice that’s best suited for your business.

Here is a comparative analysis of an app builder (Buildfire) with a mobile application development company (Arkenea) which should help you in making the decision when it comes to choosing one among the two.


Buildfire (App Builders) Arkenea (Custom Software Development) 
App development process
Prototyping not available hence no validation of app idea Prototyping is followed by UI/UX design, coding and testing before publishing the app on the app store
Types of app developed Only Hybrid apps can be developed using Buildfire. You have the option to choose between Hybrid and Native App development  
Development speed Faster Slower
App Design Generic app interface Unique UI/UX design
Performance Slower due to restrictions in tech stack Faster due to custom development and picking the technology of choice
Pricing 3 tiered subscription based pricing structure with additional cost for custom development Free quote with a complimentary discovery phase followed by fixed price proposal depending on project requirements.
Flexibility and Innovation Absent Present

Pros of app development using the Buildfire platform

No code development: It is a great platform for people who have no coding experience and wish to build a mvp app. You don’t need to be a developer or have the technical know how of app building for using Buildfire. You just need to select the templates and plugins and you are good to go.

Speed of Development: Designing a mobile app using an app builder like Buildfire typically spans just days. Unlike custom development, there is no app development cycle to be followed which means that steps like prototyping, UI/UX design, coding, testing etc are completely skipped resulting in faster development speed.

Cost of Development: Choosing app builders like Buildfire saves up on the development costs. With regards to the app development cost, there is a free version that offers basic app functionality by building web apps with automatic updates, basic support, 200 web app installs and 1,000 visitors per month. Buildfire also offers paid plans which start at $49 per month in addition to providing custom development. Although the charges of the latter rake up as high as hiring an app development company.

Cons of app development using Buildfire platform

Lack of platform choices: Buildfire only allows for the development of Hybrid apps. You cannot have native iOS or Android applications via app builders. You are also restricted to Buildfire’s own technology stack whose one-size fits all approach may not work best for your mobile app.

Slower Performance: The performance of a hybrid app is invariably slower than a native mobile application. It suffers from greater loading times, less impactful user experience, and less effective use of graphics and animations. 

Lack of customer support: A major issue with app building platforms such as buildfire is that the customer support is limited. Buildfire reviews frequently complain regarding the lack of support after office hours and weekends. Unlike custom app development which offers round the clock support and maintenance, in Buildfire if any issue crops up in the live app, the resolution does not take place straight away.

Lack of customization: In Buildfire there are custom templates available to users to choose from. The UI/UX of the app so developed is always at a risk of appearing too generic as a result of lack of customization. Opting for Buildfire’s custom design services is a costly option which places the app builder into the range of custom developed apps.  

Lack of innovation: Innovative technologies such as Machine learning, Artificial intelligence etc cannot be incorporated within an app that is built using buildfire. This causes your product to lag behind the competitors in an era of increasing competition.

Closing words: Buildfire vs Arkenea

If you are a hobbyist app builder who just wants to learn the ropes and gain insights into what goes inside building an app and publishing it on the app store, pick Buildfire. It is also a good choice for anyone who has an app development budget less than 10K.

Conversely, if you are truly serious about making money from your mobile app, hiring an app development company like Arkenea to partner with you through your mobile app journey is your best bet.

Arkenea, with 8 years of experience, builds custom solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses across different industries by deep diving into each industry and offering insights through its domain experts. Here are some of our recent achievements to help you choose.

  • Arkenea was recently featured in this research report, that highlights Arkenea among the top app development companies in the World. The report features Arkenea among IBM, Google, SAP, Microsoft, etc.
  • The biggest testimony to a development partner is when the client brings as a part of their business and growth. Our founder Rahul Varshneya now sits on advisory board of one of our client.
  • Our most recent client just raised $1 million in venture funding, a testimony to the quality of product we helped build ground up. Then there’s an eCommerce client who doubled their revenues after we rearchitected their platform.
  • A tech startup that we helped build from scratch was just acquired by Ziff Davis (acquired Mashable last year). MarTechAdvisor is America’s Top 10 Marketing Technology media companies.
  • Arkenea has helped develop many complex healthcare software platforms such as telemedicine applications, EHR solutions, prescription management software solutions, healthcare operations software, among others.

Choosing from the top app development companies can define how successful you will be with your app idea.