5 Of The Very Best Telemedicine Applications

Today, you can easily receive remote healthcare services from a doctor with telemedicine apps — without having to step foot in their medical facility. 

We’ve prepared a list of the 5 best telemedicine apps that ranked high in quality, user ratings, and overall reliability to get you started.

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1. Doctor On Demand

Source: Simform

iPhone rating- 4.9

Android rating- 4.9

Cost- Free

Doctor On Demand allows you to gain access to board certified doctors 24/7 instantaneously, right from your phone. Getting the real time, professional medical advice you’re seeking has never been more convenient.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this telemedicine app has to offer.

The sign up only takes a few minutes, and the complete process easy as well as straightforward. You can make an appointment right away or schedule one for a later date.

There is one fixed fee for medical visits, while the cost of psychological services may differ depending on the treatment you receive. The consultation fee for medical doctors is $75 for a 15-minute appointment. Most services are available 24/7/365 and the cost is similar to the majority standard copays, despite the fact that the company does take many insurances.

The team behind Doctor On Demand has done an exceptional job at making the app user friendly through their streamlined app. Everything is explained and easy to follow. 

The company’s app and website are both HIPAA compliant and they guarantee to comply with federal, state and local laws regarding this information.

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2. Amwell

iPhone rating- 4.9

Android rating- 4.6

Cost- Free

Amwell unquestionably makes it straightforward to approach medical care, anywhere, and at any given point of time. Both Support as well as providers are available 24/7, every single day of the year.

The procedure to obtain care is reasonably simple. Information is saved on the app for future use. Account holders get to see providers’ overall rating and experience on the app itself, which aids them to make an informed choice. Eventually, the visit happens over the internet. The streaming provided is secure since the app adheres to confidentiality and HIPAA Compliance.

Amwell’s mobile app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms, which can be accessed through both tablets and smartphones. Also, for times this isn’t a feasible option, the visit can also be conducted over a traditional voice call (although one needs to remember that several states require a video visit, and not just a phone call if the physician is to prescribe medicines). 

The app offers three modes of support. The first one happens to be a detailed FAQ, with answers to common queries users often face. The other two options for support are an email address, and a toll free number that can be reached out 24/7 rounding out a complete range of choices for assistance. 

The Amwell app is entirely transparent with its pricing, including the cash prices for a variety of their most-opted services. It starts with an urgent care visit, for common conditions such as a sinus infection, or a headache, which costs a reasonable $69.

There is also pricing for mental health services, such as a therapy session with a licensed professional, which costs anywhere around $85 for a therapist with a master’s degree, and $99 if they have a Doctorate. Finally, a psychiatrist costs $199 for the initial assessment, with follow up visits running close to $95.

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3. Lemonaid

Source: Mobi Health News

iPhone rating- 4.9

Android rating- 4.5

Cost- Free

Lemonaid’s telemedicine app can be used for treatment across eight clinical areas that essentially require medication prescriptions, such as acid reflux, urinary tract infections, sinus infections and hair loss. 

Common compliments noticed in the ‘Customer Reviews’ section of Lemonaid’s app store and play store were related to ease of use, service speed, and affordability, which makes the app all the more user friendly.

Visits range anywhere between $25-$50 no matter what condition gets assessed. The company also aims for the whole process from answering condition-specific questions and  health history; to the doctor’s review and prescription writing (which Lemonaid sends electronically to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice) to be completed in a span of two hours or less. Their pharmacy pricing too is pretty straightforward. 

Lemonaid’s services can be broadly classified into three categories, namely: online consultations with a doctor or nurse practitioner, same-day lab tests and prescription delivery. 

The app comes with easy navigation and an equally commendable user experience. The sign up again is only going to take a few minutes and scheduling an appointment is comparatively easy too.

Given these criteria, along with their refund guarantee (if they can’t provide you with a prescription) and almost entirely positive online customer reputation, you might not have much more to lose than a few minutes by giving the app a try.

4. PlushCare

Source: Mavens 101

iPhone rating- 4.9

Android rating- 4.5

Cost- Free

PlushCare certainly happens to be one of the simplest and easy to use telemedicine apps in the market today.

The company has an app for both Android as well as iOS. Through this app, appointments with a provider of the patient’s choice can be scheduled within no time. The consultation occurs by means of the smartphone, on their secure video platform.

This app is completely integrated with the patient’s labs, insurer, and pharmacy to streamline care, and make it an efficient and painless experience.

The PlushCare service covers a wide spectrum of patient problems, many of which have already been listed on the website.

Some of these problems include routine primary care problems, like sore throat, sinus infections, and pink eye, to management of ongoing chronic conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid. The company also states that they handle prescription renewals, and indicate that appointments take only as many as 15 minutes.

The support that PlushCare offers is nothing fancy, but the fact that it is quite direct, is highly appreciable. It comes with two options, the first being an email address, and the second, a toll free number.

The pricing is fairly simple, and refreshingly transparent. Without insurance, the price is higher than some of the company’s market counterparts at $99, and there is also a $199 that gets crossed out next to it, leading one to ponder if they’re planning to go back to the higher price in the future.

Additional details include that there is a 100% money back guarantee if the customer isn’t completely content. Furthermore, the app’s network has the most major insurance providers, including Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna and Anthem Blue Cross, so this can cost the member just the co-pay for the visit.

5. LiveHealth

Source: LiveHealth Online

iPhone rating- 4.9

Android rating- 4.4

Cost- Free

LiveHealth Online offers 24/7 access to online doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of common ailments too, just like all the other apps mentioned within this listicle.

This app works via a protected webcam-equipped computer or mobile device and takes user privacy much seriously since its HIPAA Compliant as well. You can download the app for Android or  iOS. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign in, creating an account if you wish. This service will keep records of past visits if you set up an account. LiveHealth Online also has a service that enables doctors to virtually meet with their regular patients. 

This telemedicine platform charges a flat rate per medical visit, which is a little on the higher side when compared with the standard copay. Their telepsychology visits vary in price. However, it can file with your insurance company first. It works with many insurances, so you may easily find your charge go down. 

The interface too is pretty comprehensive with a variety of options to choose from under each category of treatment. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor has never been easier!

The app is HIPAA compliant and pays much heed to data security adhering to HIPAA rules. 

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Final Thoughts

Telemedicine apps are becoming a feasible alternative to in-person doctor visits at a rapid rate. The technology provides a fitting way to improve access to healthcare for non-emergency issues  and deliver healthcare in the comfort of the patient’s choice of setting.

Patients can save their money and time through means of an online consultation, whereas doctors can look to increase their revenue and productivity.

Doctors and Hospitals can use a telehealth platform to provide seamless service and cater to patients remotely. You can also enjoy lower overheads and reduce the expense of running a clinic. Telehealth apps are ideal to fill the missing gaps in healthcare across the world.

With telemedicine app development, you can reach out to more of your audience. It’s time to connect patients and providers all online! 

Are you ready to experience the change yet?