What The Top App Development Companies Have In Common

Mobile is one of the fastest growing customer-reaching mediums, with 65% of digital media being consumed on mobile devices. In fact, it’s estimated that mobile will generate nearly $190 billion in revenue for U.S. businesses by 2020. The data doesn’t lie; it’s clear that this tech-centered environment, having a mobile app is imperative if you not only want your business to survive, but thrive.

We can’t all be tech-savvy, but there are top app development companies that can fulfil the needs of both businesses and consumers to provide great app experiences, including mobile app prototyping. And while there are a myriad of firms angling for your business, finding the right app development company for your app isn’t that difficult once you know what to look for.

The specifics may vary, but there are a few traits that any app developers worth its salt will possess.

They Have Specific Expertise

One of the most important traits of top mobile app development companies is having expert niche knowledge. This doesn’t just go for operating systems such as Android or iOS, it also means ensuring that the app developer you choose has experience developing apps within your industry or for customers like your own.

If, for example, you’re developing a telemedicine app to help connect oncologists and cancer patients in remote areas, it’s a good idea to hire an app developer that has experience creating software in the medical field. That way, there will be less potential for errors or oversights regarding HIPAA compliance, AWS HIPAA and other privacy laws. They can also provide insights that they’ve discovered while working on apps or within user bases similar to yours that you may have overlooked.

They Have an Impressive Portfolio

Top mobile app developers consistently produce high-quality work, as demonstrated by a healthy portfolio of past projects. Go to app stores so you can download and explore the apps your prospective developer created. Not only should they carry good ratings and reviews, but the apps should look good and function well.

They Value Your Input

You’re the best source when it comes to the vision of your app, and good developers know this. App development must be a collaborative effort at every point of the process, from wireframes and prototypes to launch and updates. The best designers make you a key player in the creation of your app, ensuring that your needs, wants and worries are heard and accounted for.

They’re Excellent Communicators

This trait goes hand-in-hand with a developer’s ability to collaborate. Effective communication between you and your app creator is vital to the success of the project. They should provide regular updates (e.g. weekly phone calls or emails) as well as communications for milestones. Good app developers should also be quick to get in contact with you if something goes awry or the project falls behind schedule.

They Stay Up to Date

Mobile app trends move fast, so it’s imperative that your app developers keep up with the times. Top developers design apps by utilizing innovative user experience and content principles. This could mean integrating high-end graphics, interactive AI or even biometrics. No matter what, good app development companies are capable of handling the newest tech.

They Provide Comprehensive Service

Mobile app development relies on coding, but it’s about so much more than that. The best app development firms understand that comprehensive service consists of three aspects.


The work doesn’t stop at simply building an app. The finished product must be thoroughly tested for functionality, design and overall user experience. Otherwise, you may find that you get an app that looks good but doesn’t work as it should.


Your app developer should also be able to assist you with submitting the app various app stores once it’s ready to be released. This means guiding you through the process or even submitting the app for you, but either way, you should have a good grasp of how your app is going to go live.


Once your app is up, it will likely require updates to add features, fix bugs or adhere to new application standards. Mobile app developers need to remain available for this part as well to ensure seamless support. It’s also important that they communicate their policy for such updates, such as detailing whether bug-fixes are included in the initial fee and what the charge is for ongoing maintenance.

They Have a Solid App Development Process

The best mobile apps stem from good development strategies. The specifics of your mobile application developer’s approach may vary, but it should generally follow a basic workflow:

  • Identify the scope of the app (i.e. is it for fun, to solve a problem, to enhance a web-based or in person experience, etc.)
  • Evaluate various platforms and devices to determine best fit as well as potential pitfalls
  • Explore UI/UX options that best fit the app’s usage
  • Build out a prototype
  • Conduct beta tests to ensure the app meets stated goals
  • Monitor analytics and other metrics post-launch assess user behavior

These steps help ensure a uniform development process and lead to better final products.

The best advice usually comes from those that have gone through the experience, whether positive or negative. This is what some of those founders had to say, that have hired top app development companies previously or currently engaged with one, or even when hiring in-house.

We always look for resourcefulness as a high priority quality. We know that if we have developers that will figure out how to creatively solve problems that will inevitably come up, that we won’t have to handhold them as much. Every minute of us having to research and problem solve for an outsourced team is a minute that we have overpaid to outsource,” – Ryan O’Connell, COO, Boomn.

I look for background other than just the skills as it shows the dedication to the profession. I avoid hiring developers that started coding after their 20s because they are years behind in experience/skills compared to those that started during their teenage years,” – Evan Varsamis, Founder, Gadget Flow.

Previous projects. I don’t care what you say your capabilities are. Show me what you’ve done and give me a test trial on this one thing I’d like you to build,” – Moshe Reuven Sheradsky, Founder, WeeDu.