Warning: Don’t Hire Python Developers Without This Checklist

As the CTO or founder of a startup, it’s important to have a plan for getting the help that you need. That’s why using a checklist for hiring Python developers is essential for getting the tech talent who can help you produce and develop your product the way you see fit.

There are several aspects to consider when you’re looking to hire Python developers for your healthcare web application development project.

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1. Experience

The more Python developers come across different issues, the more time they get to fine-tune their skills and know how to identify and solve the issue at hand.

If your software product requires extensive experience, then it’s ideal to have Python developers who have been working on similar projects with years under their belts.

It’s also vital to hire a team of Python developers who match the required skill set and have experience with nascent technology, including blockchain technology or chatbot development. Consider what you need and then check their resume for the type of Python developers you need to get it done.

For instance, if you require assistance for the front-end and back-end of your website or web apps, then it’s ideal to consider Python developers who have experience with full-stack development.

2. Technical Skillset

Finding the right tech talent sometimes can be challenging since the technology behind many startups or new enterprise products are new. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that the team of Python developers you use actually have the skills you need.

Take the time to review the developers expertise, including what they know. You can verify technical skills by using an online test as part of your screening process for individual Python developers.

Another option is to provide a sample project. When considering Python web development companies, always take a look at their portfolio and review testimonials.

Check review sites and even the Better Business Bureau to determine what experience other businesses have had with the company and its developers.

Check for technical skills that focus on:

  • Build tools, such as Tox and Pip
  • Data analysis tools and machine learning frameworks and modules, including Scikit-Learn, NumPy and Pandas
  • Test frameworks
  • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks, such as Django ORM and SQLAlchemy
  • Programming language version, including Python 3.7
  • Ability to structure code well

3. Enthusiasm

Part of hiring a good Python web development company goes beyond focusing solely on technical skills. Python development companies should also have a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm about what they are working on as well.

Consider an in-person or video interview to measure their enthusiasm and excitement about your product.

4. Collaborative Skills

When you’re hiring a Python development company, it’s crucial that they know how to be team players, especially when you’re conducting design sprints or testing products.

Thus, it’s crucial to assess their collaborative skills. Your tech talent should be able to have respect and work with others. Inquire about how they handle challenges within a group setting and how they come to a consensus.

5. Communication Skills

From verbal communication to written communication, hiring Python developers with good communication skills is essential to driving your product to fruition. Outsourced Python development companies need to be able to communicate effectively to keep your project going.

Pay attention to how the Python development company communicates to you via email, get to know their communication protocol for technical support and consider the speed of communication. 

6. Python Unit Testing Approach

It’s essential to consider Python developers who have unit-testing down pact. When selecting Python developers inquire about their approach to unit testing.

They should mention the unit test testing framework and important parts of this framework, such as test runners and test cases.

This Python framework is a core aspect of Python development and helps facilitate a variety of tasks including test automation and the collection of tests into groups.

7. Python Framework Fluency

While there are several Python-specific skills that developers should have, it’s especially crucial for Python developers to be fluent in frameworks designed for Python.

Provide potential developers with a challenge to test for their knowledge in common Python frameworks, such as Python web frameworks and micro-frameworks, including Django and Flask.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in the midst of scaling your business with a new software product or you’re trying to revamp an existing product, finding the right Python web development company is essential to getting your product going.

By using a detailed checklist such as this, you can find the right Python consulting company that can get you the tech talent you need to make your project into a viable product.