The Top Medical Appointment Scheduling Softwares

To help you find the best medical appointment scheduling software, we have compiled a list* of the top-rated softwares aligned with what’s trending in 2022.

All of this, to make it effortless for you to choose the right medical appointment scheduling software for your business. If you’re seeking to develop a custom medical appointment scheduling software, get in touch with our team.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Appointment Scheduling Softwares

* These are not rankings.

|> Acuity Scheduling Software

Acuity Scheduling is one of the most popular cloud-based online assistants especially for solo practitioners and mid-sized practices. It’s ideal for fitness businesses and lets physicians keep their booking calendars keep rolling even when they are on the go.

Acuity For Physicians

  • Custom intake forms and calendar sync feature adaptable to the user’s time zones for sending personalized alerts.
  • Once the patient gets onboarded, the software sends automatic booking confirmations that are branded as well customized along with text and email reminders.
  • Use customized logos and fonts to make for more personalized user experience.
  • Unlimited SMS reminders feature for making the follow-ups even easier.

Acuity For Patients

  • Self-booking of appointments and real-time updates to make the user experience hassle-free.
  • Rescheduling appointments and making online payments seamlessly via credit cards and gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  • Acuity’s customer support representatives are available online and through calls for support.

Technical Specifications

Acuity is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be integrated with third-party solutions like WordPress, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and FreshBooks.

Pricing Details

Acuity comes with a free basic model but in case you want to upgrade it offers four plans:

  • Freebie is the best for solo practitioners with a free sign-up option. 
  • Emerging begins at a $15 monthly subscription and various advanced features that can be used by a user single-handedly. 
  • Growing the third in the list starts with $25 monthly fees and can be accessed at six different locations. It offers advanced features like text messaging, offering memberships or subscriptions, and selling gift certificates/appointment packages.
  • Powerhouse costs $50 per month and can be used up to 36 different staff and locations. Along with providing all the features of the Growing plan, it has three specific ones: signing for BAA or HIPAA compliance, custom API  and CSS, and removing “Powered by Acuity Scheduling”.

|> Appointment Scheduling Software is a free cloud-based appointment booking app that is ideal for medical practices and dentists. The platform is quite versatile and simple to use which lets doctors manage their booking calendars according to their schedule. For Practitioners

  • Widget and website integration allows for extensive customization such as configuring the interface with your brand’s color and creating numerous services for booking.
  • Embedding of a booking page on your Facebook or website page so that more prospects can come to your business.
  • Unit location, group booking, and recurring task features.
  • Customer feedback collection to give you a broader perspective of your business performance. For Patients

  • No risk of missing any appointments because of SMS/email reminds and facility to book slots 24*7.
  • POS system through which printed invoices can be fetched and the facility of making payments in cash or via credit cards.
  • Integration with third-party payment gateways such as Bitcoin, PayPal, Zooz, Skrill, and Dwolla.

Technical Specifications is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. and can be accessed via desktops as well as mobile devices. Also, it has Google calendar sync and a book soon plugin for targeted prospecting.

Pricing has a free version offering 50 bookings and three paid plans:

  • Basic that starts at $9.90/month includes 100 bookings and three custom features.
  • The Standard plan costs $29.90/month comprising eight custom features and 500 bookings.
  • Premium package bills at $59.90/month and offers 2000 bookings with unlimited custom features.

|> Setmore Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Setmore is acclaimed for being blessed with a modern interface that functions seamlessly on every device. It’s one of the best cloud-based generic medical scheduling alternatives for solo practices, community organizations, as well as NGOs.

Setmore For Physicians

  • Mobile scheduling and automatic email as well as text reminders for every booked, canceled, and rescheduled appointment.
  • Can easily manage a team of up to 20 members.
  • An online calendar and a staff-member dashboard to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Setmore website widgets to save time and make online bookings even easier.

Setmore For Patients

  • Self-booking of appointments because of the social media integration of the Facebook page and concerned website.
  • Easy online payments and 24*7 live representatives’ availability along with online support.

Technical Specifications

Setmore is compatible with almost every device like Android, iOS, and the web. Also, to let you flatten the learning curve they provide live online support and documentation.

Pricing Details

  • The free version that allows users to sign-up for free and can be used by 1 to 4 staff members is blessed with features like automated reminders, unlimited appointments, customer profiles, customizable booking page, 24*7 support, etc.
  • A premium plan starts with $25 per month or $199 yearly lets users scale up to 20 logins. Along with the free version features, it has other capabilities such as 2-way calendar sync, recurring appointments, and classes, online payments, text reminders, etc.
  • Live Booking (US & Canada) which is billed $89 per month and along with the premium features there’s an added feature that answers calls for your business.

|> Salesforce Lightning Scheduling Software

This could be the best appointment managing option for those who operate in the Salesforce set-up. Salesforce Lightning Scheduler can be used by solo practitioners or healthcare facilities of all types.

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler For Users

  • Setting-up appointments into standard Salesforce workflows such as referrals, accounts, opportunities, and leads easily.

Vito Sardanopoli the Chief Information Security Officer at the U.S. Imaging Network says, “We chose the Salesforce Lightning Scheduler since it integrates seamlessly with our existing Salesforce environment.

Other key business processes utilize Salesforce as part of their workflow. The Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is a very capable appointment scheduling software. As with other Salesforce components, it does require continual care and feeding to maintain and tweak according to your business needs.”

  • Providing a personalized experience to the patients by precisely scheduling appointments with the right person in different formats like in-person, call, or online.
  • Keeping calendar events and lightning scheduler appointments in sync so that nothing important can be skipped.
  • Set-up customized appointments based on different time-zones of the customers.

Technical Specifications

By using the calendar sync feature Salesforce calendar and the Lightning scheduler can be integrated with Google or Microsoft calendars.


Salesforce Lightning Scheduler can be purchased as an add-on product in the Lightning Experience of Salesforce which is available in three editions: Enterprise, Group, Professional, Performance, Developer, and Unlimited.

|> Calendly Appointment Scheduling Software

Calendly is a cloud-hosted appointment scheduling platform that is best suited for physicians for whom bulk emailing is the priority. It automates several tasks and makes the time-consuming task of managing appointments easier than ever.

Calendly For Physicians

  • Seamless calendar integration and unlimited events scheduling.
  • More than 700 app integrations and can be embedded with your website.
  • Team scheduling and group events come handy when keeping track of multiple parties’ schedules.

Calendly For Patients

  • 24*7 customer service and has a modern as well as a seamless interface.
  • Seamless online payments because of integration with gateways like MailChimp, Zoom, and Stripe.

Technical Specifications

Calendly works perfectly with third-party apps like Salesforce, Zapier, and GoToMeeting and can be integrated with Outlook, Office 365, and Google calendars. Also, it’s fully optimized to work with all the devices like iPhones, Tablets, and desktops for better user experience.


Calendly comes with a free basic version but there are two paid ones as well:

  • A Premium plan that’s billed $10/month for one calendar per user.
  • Pro costs $15 for a user and can be extended up to 6 calendars monthly.

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|> Appointy Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointy is the one-stop solution for solo medical practitioners or healthcare facilities that are small or medium-sized. Along with managing your appointments, the platform is the best for getting your business listed in the Google reserve’s database.

Appointy For Physicians

  • Send automated and customized reminders to patients and can set-up availability slots.
  • Seamless integration with your social media accounts and website.
  • Prospects can follow your business through the custom tab on Facebook.
  • Creating and announcing deals, gift cards, and discounts to the users.

Appointy For Patients

  • Instant online payments via, Stripe, and PayPal and easier repayments.
  • Seamless tracking of appointments due to the availability of a real-time dashboard.

Technical Specifications

Appointy can be seamlessly integrated with Google calendars and is available for iOS as well as Android devices.


Appointy offers a free trial and has four plans in its bucket:

  • The first one is a free plan that’s perfect for medical practitioners who have up to 100 appointment capacity per month.
  • The second one is the Growth plan that starts with  $19.99/ month with 1 staff included.
  • Professional is third in the list with a $ 49.99 monthly subscription and a capacity to include 5 staff.
  • Lastly, the fourth alternative which is the best for larger practices or hospitals is Enterprise starts at $79.99/month and can be used at 2 locations simultaneously.

|> AppointmentPlus Appointment Scheduling Software

AppointmentPlus is one of the best HIPAA and GDPR-compliant medical scheduling software available in the market for doctors and other healthcare facilities. Automation is the key feature of the platform that saves a lot of time for healthcare professionals.

AppointmentPlus For Physicians

  • Automated reminders to the patients.
  • No manual calendering and ease of scheduling meetings with staff and groups.
  • Over 500 configuration options to personalize the interface and metrics such as waiting lists, user permissions, open hours, etc.
  • Dynamic reporting that shows customer appointments history.

AppointmentPlus For Patients

  • Ease of self-booking appointments with the help of Book Now Button on the website.
  • Quick online payments with the help of features such as credit card and payment processing.

Technical Specifications

AppointmentPlus is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


This software doesn’t offer any free trial but has four paid plans where all of them support 10 users except the platinum that has a capacity of 11+ users:

  • Bronze which is the least expensive starts at $49/month and is perfect for individual practices.
  • Silver costs $69 for a month and offers additional features such as staff filters and interactive appointment notifications.
  • The Gold package comes at $99/month and comprises features like analytics reports and appointment scheduling templates.
  • A Platinum plan is worth $199 monthly and includes custom fields and various location features.
  • The most expensive plan Enterprise has customized pricing and is best suited for larger healthcare organizations.

|> 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

10to8 is the best cloud-based alternative for solo practitioners as it makes calendar coordination, patients bookings seamless. It’s well-known for minimizing the cumber-some tasks for reducing admin time and boosting the booking rates.

10to8 For Physicians

  • Along with automated reminders, this software allows you to send texts for canceling, rescheduling or requesting any changes in the booked appointments.
  • Messages to the patients can be sent via email, text, Slack, Facebook, or the chat feature available at the dashboard.
  • View custom reports and allocate specific rooms and staff and for appointments.

10to8 For Patients

  • Upcoming appointment alerts through email or text.
  • Advanced deposit feature for making payments even easier with third-party gateways like SagePay, Stripe, and PayPal.

Technical Specifications

10to8 can be easily synchronized with Google, Outlook, and iCal calendars and works perfectly on both desktop and mobile.


10to8 offers five plans suiting medical practices for different size and requirements:

  • The first plan is forever free for solo physicians that can handle up to 100 appointments/month.
  • Basic that costs $9.6/month and includes 2 staff logins.
  • Grow is the third one starts at $20 for a month and comprises 3 staff logins and 300 monthly appointments.
  • Bigger Business that costs $40/month and manages 6 logins and 600 appointments every month and a signed BAA.
  • Enterprise which is a customizable plan and is meant for larger hospitals along with the signed BAA feature.

|> MD Live Appointment Scheduling Software

MD Live is one of the top-rated telemedicine solutions that’s best suited for board-certified physicians, therapists, and pediatricians. Its core purpose is to bridge the gap between consumers, self-insured professionals, health systems, and medical practitioners through video conferencing.

Vishal Yadav the Director of Application Development at symplr says, “We use MD Live, which is a kind of add-on option that comes through our Health Insurance plan. I personally prefer to know how a tool is going to protect a patient’s health privacy and the level of cybersecurity protection they can build to safeguard the customers and their data. 

So I give them an edge compared to others in this domain. At the same time, they provide a state of the art technology to achieve seamless integration with the patient’s health plan that helps move the patient data along with health history over to provider portal without the patient giving all these details manually to them. They have a knowledgeable and robust leadership team as well.”

MD Live For Patients

  • E-prescriptions and scheduling video appointments with physicians.
  • No hassles of arranging urgent care visits or medical expenses as MD Live offers the registered users with the perk of scheduling online consultations.
  • Online payments via debit or credit cards and booked appointments can be canceled for a full refund within a minimum of 24 hours.

Technical Specifications

MD Live is a HIPAA and PHI-compliant application that can be accessed on mobile devices.


The pricing structure of MD Live is based on different health services such as they charge:

  • $75 for urgent care visits like cough, flu, or allergies.
  • $259 for the initial psychiatric visit to consult for conditions like stress, addiction, or bipolar behavior.
  • $69 for a consultation with a dermatologist and a counseling session costs $99.
  • MD Live comes free for those who have insurance providers offering it as a bonus.

|> DocMeIn Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

DocMeIn is a free appointment scheduling platform that is specially designed for individual medical practitioners and small group practices. It’s best suited for private clinics with 1 to 25 physicians.

DocMeIn For Practitioners

  • Group calendar appropriate for 1 to 50 providers along with a patient portal for seamless appointment scheduling.
  • Recurring visits and patient record management.
  • Color-coded appointments with customizable color schemes for keeping a track of appointments status.
  • Drag and drop feature for rescheduling appointments and notifying patients immediately.

DocMeIn For Patients

  • Multi-channel appointment reminders via SMS, email, and phone calls.
  • Scheduling widget embedding on the website to allow patients self-scheduled appointments.
  • Patient self-service portal to let them view their upcoming appointments and schedule new ones.

Technical Specifications

As of now, DocMeIn is compatible with only web environments and can be integrated with certain practice management systems as well as EHR and PHR solutions.


DocMeIn comes at free of cost for both patients as well as practitioners but there are a couple of premium features like voice or text reminders provided at minimal rates.