10 Top Hospital Management Softwares

Choosing the best hospital management software could be a daunting task and hence we have curated a list of some of the top-rated solutions considering what’s trending in 2020.

The effort we have put into compiling this list is primarily because we want to make the decision of choosing the top hospital management software easier for you. * These are not rankings.

|> eVisit

eVisit as the name suggests is a web-based hospital management software solution that aims at minimizing the need for patients to visit clinics physically with the help of in-built telemedicine functionality.

Source: eVisit

The platform is suitable for almost every type of medical facility ranging from mental healthcare units to primary clinics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and urgent care practices to larger medical organizations.

eVisit For Private Hospitals

  1. Friendly exam rooms equipped with tools required to check, take notes and prescribe medications to patients.
  2. Convenient and user-friendly telemedicine feature for keeping the patient load-off your practice.
  3. Hassle-free collection of payments via credit cards, cash, or insurance reimbursements.
  4. HIPAA & COPPA compliance for keeping patients’ data safe.

eVisit For Larger Healthcare Organizations

  1. Minimizing in-person care expense through seamless telemedicine functionality for boosting patient engagement and scaling business.
  2. Tailored clinical workflows for simplifying clinical operations and suiting specific organizational objectives.
  3. Smooth integration with EHR for seamless information flow. Unified system for 50+ specialties and departments.
  4. Easier patient referrals for boosting response times and patient satisfaction rates.
  5. Simplified reimbursements and custom eligibility feature for managing employer health plans.

eVisit For Patients

  1. E-prescriptions for getting online medication and treatment plan details.
  2. Video call with specialists to avoid the hassle of going to clinics.
  3. Appointment scheduling feature to make booking appointment process seamless.

Technical Specifications

eVisit is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems and mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Also, it offers integration with third-party solutions like GE Healthcare, Athenahealth, Allscripts, McKesson, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, Epic, NextGen, etc. 


Not much information about pricing is publicly available but the cost of eVisit starts at $600 per month but it doesn’t have a free version.

|> NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare is one of the most popular hospital management platforms which can be customized to suit the specific needs of ambulatory medical practices of all sizes.

The platform is trusted by many medical organizations as Rachael Britt-McGraw, Chief Information Officer At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA) says, “We use NEXTGEN. It was selected because the company is large and financially viable so we believe it will be with us and remain available for the future rather than being bought out and shelved, as many such systems have been.”

NextGen For Hospitals

  1. NextGen practice management suite doesn’t have a lengthy learning curve and lets Hospitals manage daily operations like billing in a hassle-free manner.
  2. It helps medical professionals to get rid of tedious documentation by letting them take notes directly by touching, talking, or typing.
  3. NextGen facilitates seamless interoperability that lets Hospitals share patients’ data across different systems and access clinical information on the go.
  4. Helps in boosting clinical outcomes, and foster healthy relationships with the patients.
  5. EHR functionality of NextGen allows smooth risk stratification and population health management for helping clinics spot and fill the gaps in care coordination and streamline the revenue cycle.

Source: Capterra

Robert Haley, Chief Information Officer At Collom & Carney Clinic Association mentions, “We had been a Misys customer since 1998. We decided to switch systems in 2009 when President Obama signed the ARRA bill which included the HITECH act because Misys decided not to seek certification for their EMR software. We embarked on a search and landed with NextGen Healthcare which we deployed in 2011. I must say it’s been a bumpy ride with NextGen. The software has changed so much and NextGen has struggled to adjust rapidly to the changes.”

NextGen For Patients

  1. Integrated patient engagement solution for allowing people to monitor their healthcare in a better manner.
  2. Patient portal, refill requests, and online appointment scheduling for avoiding long wait times.
  3. Personalized outreach functionality, secure messaging, and virtual visits for a better experience.
  4. Medfusion support for boosting patient-provider interactions and optimizing the continuum of care.

Technical Specifications

NextGen is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Web, SaaS, and Cloud platforms. Also, they provide in-person, online, and webinars for better training.


The pricing guide is unavailable publicly but NextGen comes in different versions suiting practices of different sizes:

  1. The first plan is Small practice which is the best for individual clinics comprising 1-10 Hospitals.
  2. NextGen Office which is suitable for bigger medical practices with features like a patient portal, cloud-based EHR, medical billing, etc.
  3. Large Practice which is ideal for even bigger healthcare units having more than 10 doctors.
  4. NextGen Enterprise which is appropriate for hospitals that need special features like advanced analytics, EHR, practice management, specialty-specific Clinical Content, Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), etc.


|> SmartSheet

SmartSheet is known for its work management and collaboration capabilities that help healthcare organizations in minimizing clutter and focus on delivering results. This platform is equally useful for medical practices and hospitals of all sizes.

Source: SmartSheet

SmartSheet For Hospitals

  1. Interactive dashboard, Gantt charts, and spread-sheet interface to help Hospitals in seamlessly tracking, planning, and managing their operations in real-time.
  2. Project management tools for advanced reporting, automating repetitive tasks, timeline tracking, and document as well as resource management for saving doctors’ time.
  3. Access information on the go with the help of an intuitive mobile app.
  4. HIPAA-compliance and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for the secure sharing of protected health information (PHI) across different departments for better coordination amongst specialists.

Technical Specifications

SmartSheet works perfectly with web-based, SaaS, cloud, iOS, and Android platforms. Also, it offers seamless integration with many solutions such as ZenDesk, Google Drive, MailChimp, Ever Note, DropBox, etc.


This platform has a free trial and comes with three plans suiting different requirements:

  1. Individual Plan that starts at $14/user/month and billed yearly.
  2. Business Plan which is billed annually and begins at $25/user/month.
  3. Enterprise Plan for which you need to contact the vendor.

|> AthenaHealth

AthenaHealth is an effective hospital management solution that is well-known for its powerful EHR capabilities and is best suited for individual practices, hospitals, nurse practitioners, medical executives, and clinical communities.

AthenaHealth For Hospitals

  1. Seamless medical charting, order transmission, and information sharing for letting Hospitals manage their patients efficiently.
  2. Smooth care management, population health management, operational, and financial management tasks with data analytics functionality.
  3. HIPAA-compliance for keeping protected health information (PHI) of patients safe.
  4. Simplified and streamlined medical documentation for saving doctors’ time.
  5. Ease of reviewing the medical history of patients with the comprehensive EHR feature.
  6. Easy processing of claims with a unified system comprising back-office services, extensive rules database, and practice management functionalities.

AthenaHealth For Patients

  1. Access to physician’s clinics with web and email messaging functionality.
  2. After-hour phone assistance for patients requiring emergency medical aid.
  3. Setting-up the best schedules for follow-ups for minimizing no shows and skipped appointments.
  4. E-prescribing facility for letting patients get their treatment plan online.
  5. A patient portal that allows patients to review their medical history, sign forms, pay bills, get test report alerts, and schedule appointments.

Technical Specifications

AthenaHealth is a cloud software and supports web, windows, and Mac devices.


There’s no free trial available for AthenaHealth and to get a quote on the price you need to contact the vendor. Also, there’s a facility to submit a request to see the demo of the product and see if it suits your business specifications.

|> Azalea Health

Azalea Health is a comprehensive healthcare suite ideal for ambulatory practices and hospitals comprising facilities such as practice management, electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine feature, revenue cycle management, etc. This hospital management solution is appropriate for rural healthcare settings including various specialties.

Source: Azalea Health

Azalea Health For Hospitals

  1. Real-time charting and HIPAA-compliant telehealth functionality for better patient experience.
  2. The facility to take SOAP notes, capture billing, and send orders from a single screen to minimize hassle.
  3. Data integrity validation feature to verify patient details like date of birth, address, and insurance and in case of inaccuracies convey the same to the patients.
  4. Claims management and inventory management features for allowing doctors to handle insurance cases efficiently.
  5. Ease of accessing patient records on the go.

Azalea Health For Patients

  1. E-prescribing and patient portal for seamless scheduling of appointments, getting medication plans, interacting with specialists, and settling online payments.
  2. Appointment reminders and the facility to review allergies, medical history, lab report results, and past prescriptions.

Technical Specifications

Azalea Health is a SaaS solution and function seamlessly with web browsers, Mac OS, and Windows 8. Also, this platform has a fully-integrated mobile app that works perfectly with Revenue Cycle Performance services and Apple HealthKit.


The pricing details of Azalea Health aren’t provided by the vendor and hence in case you want to know more about it you can directly contact.

|> Cerner

Cerner comes with a variety of features to help healthcare providers in managing their practices and hospitals for boosting ROI and providing a seamless patient experience. It’s specifically suited for Hospitals, nurse practitioners, outpatient set-ups, and administrators in the medical practices.

Source: Cerner.com

Cerner For Hospitals

  1. Allow doctors to streamline patient visits by easily reviewing patients’ data through Cerner PowerChart.
  2. Medicare eligibility verification to target the right patients in your network.
  3. Cerner Millennium offers an enterprise-wide outlook into patient care for individual practices and larger hospitals with multiple specialties. Patient charting, staff shift planning, audit reporting, clinical administration documentation, lab, and drug alerts are some other useful features of this version.
  4. Remote monitoring with telehealth functionality.

Cerner For Patients

  1. Patient portal for easy scheduling of appointments and reminders for getting lab results. Also, the portal is integrated with an EHR feature that lets patients keep a tab on their medical history.
  2. E-prescribing facility to get digital prescriptions and secured messaging to coordinate with doctors for getting medical advice and rescheduling appointments.
  3. Request refills and gets access to relevant and evidence-based data from doctors via the patient portal.

Technical Specifications

Cerner can be deployed on the web, cloud, SaaS, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. Also, it offers support via email, phone, FAQ, and Cerner’s 24*7 eService portal.


There’s no direct pricing detail available for Cerner but it has a user-based subscription plan monthly which varies depending on the enterprise plan chosen and there’s an additional cost to own the software.

|> TeamDesk

TeamDesk is one of the most in-demand hospital admissions database management solutions which is ideal for healthcare organizations or practices of any size. Also, it’s quite scalable to grow in response to increasing customer demands.

TeamDesk For Hospitals

  1. Provide hospitals with a centralized searchable set-up to facilitate storing and tracking of patient records, staff activities, patients’ rooms, admission details, payments, etc.
  2. Create an easily accessible database with the help of predefined templates for your medical staff to help them with organizing their schedule.
  3. A completely customizable environment that lets medical professionals tailor the app according to their specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

The TeamDesk app comprises two individual parts where the set-up part is available for the app administrators and the application interface is for the regular users which are built in-sync with the app settings and users’ current roles. Besides, TeamDesk offers unlimited storage, support, and records at reasonable rates.


TeamDesk have a free trial but not a free version and they offer three different pricing plans:

  1. The starter edition that begins at $49/-month and is ideal for up to 5 users with unlimited storage, records, tables, and customer support.
  2. The team edition which starts at $99 per month, can be used by 10 users and includes everything from the first edition plus additional user packs.
  3. The enterprise edition that comes at @249 for a month appropriate for 10 users comprising every feature from the team edition plus advanced security, unlimited databases, and rebranding.

|> CareVue EHR By Medsphere

CareVue EHR is well-known for its reasonable EHR capabilities with the key objective to make quality care accessible to healthcare organizations of all sizes ranging from rural community medical units to acute care hospitals.

CareVue EHR For Hospitals

  1. No huge upfront investment is required with a unique subscription plan and a customized interface that is capable to grow as per increasing clients’ demands.
  2. Integrated financial, patient and clinical accounting solutions to suit acute care and inpatient behavioral health along with delivery networks to boost care coordination.
  3. Patient charts and dashboards for making daily operations seamless.
  4. Medsphere’s mobile EHR enterprise platform that allows physicians and clinical staff to work even more efficiently by accessing patients’ information on the go.

CareVue Cloud Technology

Source: Medsphere.com

Medsphere For Patients

  1. The patient portal through which many tasks such as booking appointments and rescheduling become a breeze.
  2. CareVue Pharmacy which is an advanced web-based clinical tool to streamline ordering and approval of the medication.
  3. HIPAA-compliant telehealth feature for quick collaboration between patients and specialists via video conferencing and includes features such as unlimited usage, clinical file sharing, secure messaging, electronic form support, etc.

Technical Specifications

Medsphere is compatible with Windows, iOS, Cloud, and SaaS platforms. Also, it offers online and in-person support to its users along with webinars and documentation.


CareVue hasn’t revealed it’s pricing structure but you can get a custom quote by contacting the vendor directly.

|> CureMD

CureMD is one of the leading providers of healthcare services to medical practices ranging from small to large sizes covering all specialties, County Health Departments, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and ACO networks. Its primary aim is to help clients in providing high-quality care with ease.


Source: CureMD

CureMD For Hospitals

  1. Streamline the administrative and clinical operations for healthcare organizations to reduce the amount of time invested in executing mundane tasks.
  2. Simplify decision making and ensure compliance with industry standards by following the best practices for optimizing returns.
  3. Tools like e-prescribing and patient charting for letting medical practitioners get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on more important issues.
  4. Medical billing features to minimize denials and making the payment process hassle-free.
  5. Version 10g app specifically designed for physicians which is intuitive and simplifies tasks such as documentation and access to clinical reviews, patient records, and notes.

CureMD For Patients

  1. A comprehensive patient portal that allows patients to access their updated records on the go. Also, it helps them in accessing lab results, scheduling appointments, requesting prescription refills, and viewing clinical summaries.
  2. Patient Ciosk App to let patients update their demographics and photos as well as scan their insurance cards, check-in at the front desk, and make payments via credit cards.

|> CareStat

CareStat is an intuitive hospital management application that bridges the gap between  ACOs, hospitals, medical practitioners and home health agencies to optimize care outcomes. Also, it helps healthcare professionals to manage patients efficiently across the continuum of care.

CareStat For Hospitals

  1. Timely data sharing across different facilities for streamlined care coordination and better monitoring of patients’ progress and outcomes.
  2. Agency-level reporting for real-time reviewal of performance data across varied home health agencies that share patients’ data with their clinical associates and referral sources in a transparent and secured environment.
  3. Patient-level reporting for real-time review of reports and performance across different ACOs and hospitals for better clinical and operational decision making.
  4. Seamless bed management, in-patient and outpatient management, policy management, etc.

Technical Specifications

CareStat is a web-based hospital management solution with deployment compatibility on cloud and SaaS platforms.


The starting price of the software isn’t revealed by the vendor but you can get a custom quote by contacting the sales team directly via email or call.