Reasons to Hire Telemedicine App Developers from Healthcare Staffing Company

The increase in the need for telemedicine apps, has enhanced the need to hire telemedicine app developers by clinics and hospitals.

Telehealth/telemedicine usage peaked its mark in April 2020, and has since then stabilized. Aspect governing the increased usage of telemedicine application is the need for virtual care for the elderly and chronically ill patients, who cannot visit clinics and hospitals every time.

Additionally, the lockdown period during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered exponential usage of telemedicine and telehealth apps amongst patients and doctors. Since then, more and more people are switching to virtual and remote care options to manage their health conditions. So, here’s what’s there to know if you’re looking to hire telemedicine app developer from healthcare staffing companies.

Criteria to Consider Before Hiring Telemedicine App Developers

1. Technical Expertise and Experience

An experienced healthcare app developer is aware of all the regulations needed to incorporate while building the app such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Hence, it’s vital to look for someone who has adequate technical expertise and hands-on experience in the healthcare app development field.

Before analyzing app developers’ technical skills, ensure to have a brief idea of the platform to be worked on, deployment mode, languages to be used, and deadlines. This helps to filter out unnecessary candidates, and hire developers that have knowledge of the required technical skillset.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 74 percent of the employers agree to have hired wrong person for the role, which cost $14,900 for every bad hire. To avoid this situation, ensure to have a job description in place, which explains experience levels and technical skills needed for telemedicine app development.

2. Hiring Budget

According to Glassdoor, a US employer spends on an average $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new employee. Hence, setting hiring budget helps to enlist healthcare staffing companies or IT outsourcing companies in the estimated range. A budget may also help to find an experienced app developer at a lower price.

If aiming to build an in-house team, then a recruiting budget is the key to manage payrolls, hiring benefits, and insurances. Hiring budget can be created by basing it on the costs of the previous year. This data acts as a guide to alter expenses that don’t improve the recruiting process.

Further, consider adding extra money for unplanned expenditures such as staff departures, technical malfunctions, or any other external factors. Key performance indicators (KPI) such as cost-per-hire, projected cost, projected KPI, actual KPI, etc. helps to improve and review budget continuously.

3. Communication Factor

This factor can be considered if telemedicine app developer dwells oversees, as level of English proficiency impacts efficiency and may lead to misunderstandings in the work environment.

Ensure that while hiring telemedicine app developers, each person clearly understands app requirements and project goals. If aiming for off-shore mobile app developers, then look for a region with the highest EPI (English Proficiency Index).

Apart from this, usage of communication tools and apps can be an effective method to build interactivity. Outsourced development companies can make use of online tools such as Skype, Zoom, or Slack to connect with staff.

4. Look For Efficient Developers

Efficiency in app development not only augments productivity and pace of project development, but also ensures on time delivery. One of the key ways to hire efficient app developers is to look whether they’re highly adaptive or comfortable to adapt as per environment and working conditions.

This assures that they can easily grow, shift, and evolve in a workspace irrespective of the project and teammates. Additionally, check whether they are team players and superb collaborators, as this helps to deal with conflicts easily, and doesn’t hamper productivity rate.

Furthermore, prioritize culturally fit candidates, take a holistic approach to evaluate their interpersonal skills and values, apart from just examining technical qualifications.

Reasons to Hire Telemedicine App Developers From a Healthcare Staffing Company

Hiring telemedicine app developers from healthcare staffing companies is the best choice as they’re aware of all medical regulations, and can deliver product that meets industry standards.

1. Flexible Payments

One of the key advantages of hiring developers from a staffing company is it offers flexible payment opportunities. It allows you to choose the best payday and not wait for a paycheck or deposit to arrive as per standard protocols.

This is a great option as it eliminates the financial stress on both developers and the client they’re working for, and it ensures better cashflow, thereby decreasing concerns about budget and unplanned debts.

Payment flexibility may sound cumbersome, but it lowers organizations’ monetary investment and time in its workforce. It also reduces chances of errors while verifying hours of work during payouts.

2. Quality App Development

Organizations always aim for growth and scalability of businesses, and this can be achieved by hiring developers who can provide quality design and app development.

Recruiting developers from an IT outsourcing company or healthcare staffing company helps to tap into a wide pool of quality developers with a range of skillset. These developers are trained, so cost on training them is saved, which otherwise would cost a company around $1252 for training every employee.

3. Cost Savings

Managing an in-house team comes with risks such as bad hires, increased turnover rate, and the need of significant financial investment. According to a report from the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), it costs a company around 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace her/him, which is bad for organization’s growth. Along with this, it takes a substantial amount of time and money to find the right fit.

Money and time loss can be averted by working with a staffing and recruitment firm. Certain staffing agencies provide ‘try before you buy candidate’ policy which allows to employ a temp developer and check whether they fit into the company and are a correct match, before hiring them full-time. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, there’s always an option to replace the candidate.

Further, hiring via healthcare staffing companies ensures savings when it comes to employer costs such as sick days, health benefits, worker compensation, employer taxes, etc., thus reducing overhead expenses.

Lastly, staffing companies allows to fill up positions quickly as they deal with the time consuming tasks of interviews and screening processes, allowing organizations to focus on their core operations.

While choosing to hire internally, there are several hidden costs involved apart from just posting jobs and payrolls. Turnover, productivity, time, cultural fits, and ability to take responsibilities comes with hiring internally.

So, if you’re looking to avoid in-house recruitment and planning to switch to staffing companies for great hires, then connect with Arkenea, a healthcare software development company which also provides healthcare IT staffing services. Arkenea ensures better results for clients and offer quality candidates that match with the desired job requirements, be it on site or remote.