App Ideas For Healthcare Marketers

Mobile apps are changing the way people are interacting with brands and engaging with their services. Mobile apps are not just being built for the end customer, but for an internal audience within the company as well.

Some examples are to enhance productivity, provide for as a sales tool, and provide mobility to certain functions, among others.

The healthcare sector is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. Healthcare companies are fast adopting changes in the technology landscape to cater to their customers, internally and externally.

So, here I’m going to give you some healthcare app ideas to adapt for the healthcare industry that will not only help promote the brand, but also build efficiencies into the company’s systems and processes.

A recent report from the GSMA and PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that mobile health could save $400 billion in 2017.

So let’s get right to it.

Deliver Great Presentations

How much longer can you keep carrying a static PowerPoint presentation to showcase to your customer with support materials in the form of journals, brochures and the works.

People are increasingly consuming information on their tablets, and not just because of portability or mobility, but largely because of the dynamicity of the content itself.

Mobile tablets help you to present your information or content in a far more interactive and engaging manner to capture your customer’s attention.

Here’s a healthcare app idea, build a mobile app presentation that lets your customers dynamically jump from one subject to the other without having to wait for the relevant slides to come up like in a static presentation.

If your customer is a doctor, build an app that can customize content based on the amount of time he has for you. Simply enter the available time in the app, and the app then produces a presentation that can fit into the time available.

Make Your Customer’s Life Simple

One of your biggest customers is the medical practitioner who will either directly buy your products or recommend to the end consumer. Keeping this segment engaged is where most healthcare companies spend millions of dollars.

However, instead of spending wealth in wooing or luring them to your brand, create an ever-lasting mindspace by building a product that simplifies their lives.

Here are some healthcare app ideas to do so: build calculator tools; build reference tools so they don’t have to go through heaps of reference material; build a doctor-patient management tool where all the information of the patient and the prescriptions are stored and easily referenced by simply searching by the patient’s unique ID; these are just a few of the healthcare mobile apps that you can build to get more traction from customers.

The last healthcare mobile app idea could potentially save a lot of lives as the doctors can keep a track of patient’s health remotely and in cases of elderly patients. Reminders can be set for scheduling appointments and taking medications.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Technology has long being used for the purpose of increasing productivity and there are newer tools available each decade, which improvise from the last available set of tools.

Though, never has been such a giant leap taken that bring so much mobility to a company’s processes. Let’s bring a healthcare app idea into the picture to get the point across.

Build an app that keeps a track of all your sales representatives and manage appointments and feedback. This app will help the manager to assign appointments to a set of sales representatives efficiently from the mobile app and keep a track on the progress of how the sale is made, thereby reducing the time spent in traveling for meetings and tracking sales performance.

One app can take complete care of the sales management and lead flow process.

Bring Mobility to Senior Management

Senior management in any company, leave alone the healthcare companies, do end up traveling quite a lot. Imagine having to constantly logging onto their laptops and search for connectivity each time they need to check analytics or a certain dashboard for numbers.

Mobile apps bring, of course, mobility! Build a healthcare mobile app for the health care companies that ties in with their existing CRM systems, Sales Management Systems, Product Systems, etc for reporting of key data and analysis on the go, on their mobile phones.

Engage the End Customer

Healthcare companies spend billions of dollars in advertising to get the attention of the end consumer. Marketing has tremendously changed in these times where the usage of social media has crept into the daily lives of consumers.

Companies cannot have a marketing plan that does not use technology to not only reach out to the consumers but also get them engaged with their platform.

A great healthcare app idea in this case is to help your end customers keep a track of their medicines they need to take, schedule appointments with reminders and easy access to medical information and help at the push of a button.

The golden rule in all of this is to keep your product free from blatant endorsements and branding and the trick is to keep it subtle.

Your intention is to provide your customer value and for not a moment let them think the intention is to make a sale happen. Once you do this right, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get the deserved attention from customers and stay ahead of the curve.

Rahul Varshneya

Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development consulting firm for fast-growing businesses, providing on-demand engineering talent and MVP development services.