15 Evergreen App Ideas (You Can Steal) To Launch Your Startup

15 evergreen app ideas

Mobile app creation is a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to its promising growth and high revenue potential, which makes it a great idea for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue. And app ideas are hard to find. But, because of fierce competition, only a small fraction of apps created actually see long-term success in this ever-growing industry.

So, it’s critical to create an app that generates long-term interest. The great news is that you don’t have to come up with these app ideas on your own, if you don’t have one already. Get inspiration from these evergreen app ideas you can develop to launch your startup for long-term success:

1. Scheduling/Calendar App

Every year, more people are trading in their old-fashioned, paper planner for a mobile app that allows them to track their daily schedules and calendars with their smartphones. To fulfil this need, you can create an online scheduling app that instantly syncs with other platforms.

2. Invoicing App

With more people working from home or out in the field today, the ability to create, manage and adjust invoices on-the-go is a must-have. That’s why launching with your startup creating an invoicing app is an ideal choice. An invoicing app will provide users with the convenience of producing bills for clients and following up on past-due notices for years to come.

3. Dating App

People are increasingly and constantly meeting online and looking for partners. You can help them achieve this by creating a dating app that uses geo-positioning, social media integration and profiles so they can find the best match.

4. Tour Guide/Travel App

People have been traveling for thousands of years, and this is not going to stop any time soon. If you can create an app that helps people better connect with others and explore the places they’re visiting, you can set up your startup for long-term success.

5. Party Planning App

People will always have something to celebrate, including birthdays and holidays. You can create an app that helps them plan parties and offer features, such as food planning and a guest management list. Consider including notifications so party planners can inform guests of delays or other important party updates.

6. Cooking App

Passing down recipes is an old-age pastime that expands generations. But now in this digitally connected world, people are looking for apps that offer great cooking recipes. on-demand. These apps are in high-demand and provide those who love to cook with inspiring recipes they can create new dishes or enhance existing ones.

7. Interior Design App

People are always looking for inspiration to enhance the look of their homes, and you can create an interior design app to help them along the way. Consider offering features that help them quickly get ideas for transforming their space. For example, the app can offer a mock draft to help users decide on the best position to place their beds.

8. Photo Storage App

The more popular mobile devices with cameras get, the more photo storage people need. You can create a photo storage app to help users manage their photos so they can hold on to their memories. Consider including features that enable photo editing within the app.

9. Employment App

Job search apps have consistently replaced newspaper classified sections and companies now widely use this as their primary hiring source. Consider creating an app that helps match job seekers with employers to help them find a job that best fits their skills.

10. Tutoring App

Unless the need for school ends, students will always require help with understanding what they learned in class. Consider creating an on-demand tutoring app that helps students get tutoring when they need it.

11. Fitness Tracker App

Many people successfully use apps to stay fit and to track their progress. Consider creating a fitness tracker app to help runners track their workout patterns. These apps also offer great cross-selling opportunities based on user preferences and needs thanks to data collection capabilities.

12. Personal Budget App

Personal budget apps offer a great solution for helping people manage their finances. Individuals will always need a way to see how much they are spending on items. You can create an app that helps solve this issue so they can see how they can save money.

13. Online Marketplace App

As online shopping continues to increase, so will the need to facilitate buyers and sellers. Creating an online marketplace helps buyers and sellers fulfil this need. You can create one that enables individuals to sell new or used items for a small transaction fee and matches them with interested buyers so they can sell their items faster.

14. Healthcare App

As people require guidance to understand their symptoms or healthcare conditions, healthcare apps are viable app ideas that can stand the test of time. There are tons of options you can try, including an app that helps people quickly identify symptoms or one that helps people find the best medical help in their area.

15. Translation App

World travelers can easily skip taking foreign language lessons with the help of a translation app. People will always travel and will need a way to translate languages they can’t speak. You can create an app to help translate words and signs to help travelers understand what they’re listening to or reading as they explore new places.

Creating an app is a great idea to make money but you want to also make sure your app can stand the test of time. But, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. By taking one of these ideas to create a mobile app and customizing it to make it your own, you can launch your startup for success.

Rahul Varshneya

Rahul is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development consulting firm for fast-growing businesses, providing on-demand engineering talent and MVP development services.

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