Developer as a Service (DaaS)

We assess your needs and match the requirements with the developers best suited to meet them. We support this team with mentors and domain experts to ensure ongoing success.

  • No monthly commitment
  • Weekly billing
  • You pay when we deliver

Specialized in mobile

We own the mobile domain. Every Arkenea iOS developer, Android developer or web developer is experienced in creating and delivering unique mobile experiences for our customers.

Process-driven Engineering

We use SCRUM project management methodology with bi-weekly sprints and daily developer stand-ups. Every project is designed by our software architect to ensure a strong foundation.

Painless communication

Daily stand-ups with app developers on Skype and tele. Weekly status report published and sent via email/project management tool. Monthly steering meeting with high-level stakeholders.

Zero risk

Each Arkenea developer has 10,000+ hours of coding experience across industry verticals and app categories. So confident are we of our delivery that you pay only if you're satisfied. We give you a risk-free trial period.

Case Studies


Arkenea created an app for Novo Nordisk India to provide an enterprise sales solution. The iPad app presents animated visual aid presentations, product video presentation, enquiry management, real-time medical updates, reports and metrics generated from the backend. We continue to work and iterate on product since 4 years.


Arkenea helped create a connected app for iBOLT, a company that manufactures and retails car docks – their core business. They brought in developers from Arkenea to build a mobile app as a value add to their car docks. By leveraging Developer as a Service (DaaS) from Arkenea, iBOLT was able to cut down costs by over a fourth and focus on their core product.


Otasys were building an iOS social networking app and needed help in faster product iterations. They brought on Arkenea developers to supplement their team and help with existing challenges and build faster. They could do this quickly and with ease because of the cost benefit.