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Developing A Custom Integrated Telehealth Solution

Arkenea offers a range of integrated telehealth solution development depending on your needs. Some examples include the following, but not limited to.


Telecardiology lessens the burden of emergency rooms, waiting rooms, and transportation of patients. Screening via webcams by medical teams is the new approach to treat telecardiology.


By integrating teledentistry within a custom telehealth solution, you can conduct follow-ups sessions, offer non-emergency personal recommendations, and teleconsultation demos.

TeleMental Health

Telepsychiatry consists of individual sessions, group therapies, family consultations, and psychiatric evaluations, which can be conducted through virtual consultations easily.

Veterinary Telemedicine

Arkenea developed a veterinary telemedicine solution that helped primary veterinarians to schedule consultations with specialists for clients and their pets. We can custom develop an integrated veterinary telehealth solution based on your needs.

Geriatric Telemedicine

Since the elderly patients are more susceptible to COVID-19 and other chronic conditions, adding medical emergency features and functionalities in geriatric telemedicine platform will help to monitor their health regularly. We can custom develop a solution based on your requirements.

Pediatric Telemedicine

Telehealth can be utilized for providing healthcare services to special kids, to enhance pediatric care, and enable remote monitoring for chronic conditions in children. Define your feature set and get in touch with us today for a free consultation and quote.

Key Features In An Integrated Telehealth Solution

These are just some of the most essential features and functionalities that are must have in your integrated telehealth solution.

Patient and Doctor Profile

A doctor's profile consisting of name, experience, specialty, rates, location, and testimonials attracts more patients.

Appointment Scheduling

Physicians can set appointments as per their availability and set alerts on calendars.

Storing Health Records

Integration of EHRs helps to store medical history records and access them for diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Communication

Integrating voice-calls, chat systems, and video sessions ensures two-way communication.


Pharmacy integrations guide patients for tracking medications and ordering via pharmacies.

Custom Integrations For Your Telehealth Solution

When developing your custom telehealth solution, we can integrate with many third-party applications as listed below,
but not limited to.

Integrating EHR Documentation

An integrated EHR documentation feature within telehealth solution eliminates multiple clicks that's needed to switch between video screens and documentation. This reduces burnouts and cognitive workflows.

Integrating Insurance And Billing

Integrating insurance and billing assures that physicians are reimbursed for their services and time, and makes it easier for them to track patients' eligibility and benefits.

Enhanced Virtual Care

Patients experience enhanced virtual care with integration of EHR within telehealth because it provides smart prescriptions, creates alerts for follow-ups or medication, and schedules appointments.

Integrating Practice Management

Features include automatic appointment reminders, appointment scheduler, integration with EHR workflows, chat systems, dashboards, and medical reports.

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