These Are Some of the Best Mobile App Onboarding Experiences

In the latest episode of #BiteSize, Samuel Hulick shares some of the best mobile app onboarding user experiences he’s come across.

Samuel Hulick

Samuel Hulick runs and is the author of The Elements of User Onboarding. He’s combined UX savvy and a cat-like curiosity for measuring UX impact to become an expert in onboarding. His approach is shaped by over a decade of web experience, theories taken from behavioral psychology, cognitive development, video game design, and even filmmaking.


I do stop short of saying categorically one user experience was good or bad or better than another one or worse than another one, because it’s so much of a question of conversions and driving engagement.

And without having visibility to what the engagement metrics are looking like behind the scenes, I really hesitate to come in and objectively say something was done well or not done well. I’ve worked with too many companies where I come in and say, “this seems like an ugly part of the process” and they’re like, “ya we hate it, but it works and is kicking ass right now.”

And for those reasons I provide a caveat. That being said, certain companies along lines of Duolingo does an amazing job that we’d categorize under B2C browser. Slack does an absolutely phenomenal job. They’re cross device and actually kind of a B2C, B2B hybrid in a lot of ways.

As with many things user experience, I would point to Slack as being a good example of a company to emulate if you had to just pick one out of random apps, you’d be fortunate to pick that one.

These two definitely come across as gold standard in user onboarding experiences.