200+ of the Best App Review Sites to Submit your Mobile App

Even the most well-designed and innovative apps can go unnoticed among over 3 million app across app stores. Have you submitted your mobile app to app review sites yet?

According to a recent Google-Ipsos survey, 52% of awareness for apps comes from friends, family and colleagues, essentially word of mouth marketing. After you’ve built your mobile app with a custom app development company, getting positive app reviews can help you get more downloads and better visibility.

If you’re new to app development, you might want to check out how much does it cost to build an app and go through creating a mobile app prototype to kickstart the development. If you’re interested in an app builder, read our detailed guide.

However, having app reviews on App Store or Google Play Store is not enough.

Getting your app reviewed on a popular app review sites, blogs, or publication works better. Favorable app reviews on one of these sites coupled with growth hacks can expose your app to a whole new audience and help you get more downloads.

In this post we are giving you a list of 200+ resources covering top app review posting sites, blogs, YouTube channels, and even app discovery platforms to submit your app to.

This app review sites list will allow you to submit your application details such as app description, landing page URL, funding information, founder details, sometimes a demo video, etc. to their website. If you want to make any updates on your app, hire developers today.

After all, you never know where you’d discover your potential customer.

However, just this app review sites list won’t help you get featured. Approach each app review submission service with the right pitch, giving proper details of your app along with contact information. Also, don’t forget to test your app for crashes and bugs before submitting it on any app review sites. I am sure you are not interested in any kind of negative publicity or why take the chance of not getting published because of a faulty app.


Here are a select few of the 200+ app review sites. To download the full list (PDF), please click the button above or scroll to the bottom of the article.

App Review Sites
1 AppAdvice
2 148Apps
3 AppStorm
4 Feed My App
5 App Useful
Blogs & Publications
6 Mashable
7 TechCrunch
8 Gigaom
9 Cult of Mac
10 9to5mac
YouTube Channels
11 App Reviews – CrazyMikesapps
12 The Wise Matthew
13 AppFind
14 AppStoreReviewer
15 CooLoserTech
App Discovery
16 Product Hunt
17 Betalist
18 PreApps
19 The Startup Pitch
20 Geeklist


5 Additional Ways to Market Your Mobile App

If you’ve created a mobile app and you want to increase the number of users it has, it’s important to market your app properly. There are lots of stale and rote ways to market and app—but the apps that really stand out are the ones whose creators take unconventional and innovative approaches to marketing.

Here are 5 ways you should consider marketing your app right now so you can attract the right audience and continue to grow its user base.

1. Look for App Store Managers via LinkedIn

A good way to get your app discovered is to have it featured in the Apple app store. To do that, use LinkedIn to reach out to app store managers. Once you’ve searched the professional networking site for their email addresses, send them a pitch explaining why you should be featured.

Try to find the right app store manager (or managers)—you want to reach out to the ones who manage the category your app fits into, and you don’t want to reach out to too many people.

2. Launch in an English-Speaking Country that’s Not the U.S. or Canada

One smart marketing move is to do a soft launch of your app in a country that speaks enough English to get it—but one that isn’t as big or as crucial as, say, the U.S. or Canada. Consider the Netherlands or the Phillipines, then do a launch of your app there.

You can focus on generating word of mouth excitement about your creation, get reviews, then take any feedback to improve your app. You want to make sure it’s perfected—and has somewhat of a reputation—before you undertake a campaign to get featured in the U.S. app store.

3. Incentivize Reviews

Reviews help you naturally market your game, because other app users want to see what real people think of an app before they decide to download and use it.

Incentivize app reviews by gamifying them, or offering prizes for them. For example, you can offer users a bonus in the app if they leave you a review. Harness word of mouth marketing for an effective way to increase downloads.

4. Build Your Own Personal Internet Presence

Stop focusing on marketing the game and market yourself. Build a presence for yourself on the web by getting active in social media, writing a blog, offering to guest blog, accepting guest blog offers on your blog, and more.

By building your own social media presence, you can harness your own following and reputation to push the app you’ve created.

5. Rethink Your App Icon

Don’t just think about your app itself (or the marketing content you create), focus on the icon for the app. It’s the first thing a potential user sees and can make or break the first impression.

If you want to up downloads, take a look at your icon and redesign if needed. Your icon’s UI design needs to be simple enough that it’s not confusing or overwhelming, but that it’s branded and unmistakably yours. Hire a specialized UI UX design agency to redesign your app icon.

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