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Arkenea designs and develops custom, advanced telehealth solutions based on your requirements. Be it a web or a mobile application, your telehealth solution will be fully HIPAA-compliant.

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Arkenea is the only healthcare software development company that is 100% dedicated to the industry, in its category. We can help you develop your very own custom and advanced telehealth solution, fully integrated with EHRs, ePrescription, Billing, Insurance and Video Conferencing softwares.

Examples of our Advanced Telehealth Solutions

Our Range of Advanced Telehealth Solution Development Services

As one of the country’s top telemedicine app development company, we can help you develop a custom telemedicine software for your needs. Talk to us today about any of the following advanced telehealth solutions requirement that you may have.


This concept of teledentistry-assisted therapy of pediatric dental disorders can be supplemented with video-based and live teleconsultation demos to reduce the requirement for dental outpatient clinics. It provides non-emergency, at-home personal recommendations for parents and care givers that can be communicated via teleconsultation mode.


By leveraging teletriage, help diagnose and direct noncritical cases to the next step in a person’s care journey. By communicating via secure video chat, where a doctor or medical assistant could gather more information and potentially authorize a release without filling up a bed, with patient waiting lists bringing down the time to under ten minutes.

Veterinary Telemedicine

Not every consultation requires an in-person visit. For a quick consultation that does not require a physical checkup, clients can schedule appointments with their primary care veterinarians for a video or text based live consultation for their pets.


With the support of on-site medical practitioners and physician assistants, specialists can conduct remote tests via remote patient monitoring to detect abnormal heart rhythms and arrhythmias by self-reporting and altering medication dosage and providing ePrescriptions.

Pediatric Telemedicine

Video conferencing is a typical method of employing telehealth in pediatric care for children with special needs and provide remote monitoring for chronic illnesses. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that pediatric telemedicine offers promising outcomes in ensuring care continuity.


Patients with high-need acne find mobile teledermatology to be an effective, safe, and well-accepted technology that can be used as a supplement to outpatient care. Dermatologists can also provide virtual supervision to non-physicians using voice/video based consultation.

Geriatric Telemedicine

As the elderly population is more susceptible to COVID 19 and its adverse effects, telemedicine is progressively becoming the preferred method of healthcare delivery in non-emergency situations. Several advanced telehealth solutions have been developed to make healthcare more accessible to the elderly in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.

TeleMental Health

Blackdoginstitute implemented telepsychiatry. It is re-imagining psychiatric care for frontline workers by providing discreet and quick availability of healthcare screening, information, and one-on-one support. Using telepsychology, counselors reported high therapeutic effectiveness.


About a quarter of radiologists said, according to a recent American Medical Association research, that teleradiology accounted for more than half of their annual reading workload, with 46.2 percent of offsite rural exams and 37.2 percent of offsite critical-care exams.

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