7 Essential App Development Resources For Entrepreneurs

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The mobile app development lifecycle goes through many stages that you as an entrepreneur may not necessarily be aware of on day one.

If you are building an app and need to understand the process, methodology and tools from a developer’s point of view, here is a list of app development resources which most of the developers use for troubleshooting or resources to track the latest trends in their business.

You might not be developing the app, but this will give you a little perspective about what your app development company might be involved in while building your mobile app. These app development tools and resources can also provide you with more indepth technical knowledge about building your mobile app, should you wish to dig deeper and ask relevant questions.

Understanding these resources and researching for specific solutions for your mobile app idea will help you collaborate with your app development company to deliver a better app experience for your audience.

#1 Stackoverflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for app development professionals. The site works in a simple way, app developers post their questions about programming and the fellow developers provide answers on the basis of their experiences.

Good answers are voted up and rise to the top. The person who asked the question can mark any answer as ‘Accepted’, which means it worked for the person. The site doesn’t allow questions which are opinion-based, or likely to generate discussion rather than answers. People asking questions can add up to 5 tags with their subject areas.

This helps the fellow developers browse for topics of their interest. The website builds an app development resource (a kind of library) for detailed answers to every question about programming.

#2 NSHipster

NSHipster is a weekly journal which talks to app development professionals in their language. Programming language such as Objective-C, Swift, and Coco are the broad topics covered under this blog. This really technical blog publishes regular updates on app development innovations, coding trends, and Open Source resources.

The interesting section is blog Trivia, where the app developers can take a quiz about computers, programming, Apple, and anything related to a developer’s work. The answers are mentioned at the end of the quiz and participants can tweet the scores to see how they performed against their peers.

The blog was started by Mattt Thompson in 2012. The blog began as a snarky writing exercise to capture observations from his daily interactions with Cocoa & Objective-C and became a full-time passion for learning. The other contributors to this blog also have software background and are passionate writers.

#3 iOS Dev Weekly

This is a good resource for app development professionals to get the latest industry updates at one place. The blog pulls out the best content from the web about Apple and its operating system and make a weekly round-up of the best links. The content of the blog is curated by Dave Verwer and is published every Friday.

iOS Dev Weekly is distributed to 34,365 app development professionals every week. The blog keeps the subscribers engaged with hand curated links and commentary.

The developers can browse through the latest news articles, tools, coding, designing, business, marketing, videos related to iOS. The blog also acts as a job portal as it displays iOS related vacant positions at different locations. The employer can post the requirement by paying a certain sponsorship amount.

#4 Android Developers Blog

Those working with Android devices will find a lot to love in this blog which is written by various Google employees (The Google Play team, the Android frameworks team, the Android developer relations team, to name but a few).

This blog covers a mix of technical topics (i.e. Using cryptography to store credentials safely) to softer subjects (i.e. biographies of developers).

The Android app development professionals can get latest updates about the operating system through this blog. The blog demonstrates how developers can use the new features such as new set of Android code samples to fit the latest gadgets such as Google Fit and Android Wear. The blog also talks about the success stories of apps under the section ‘Android Developer Story’. This section is an inspiration for how Google Play Developer Console can help iterate better design and features in an app. Then there is analytics, new programs, new courses, events listings, and more.

Overall, an Android app development professional can’t miss out on this blog.

#5 Tuts+

Tuts+ is a site dedicated to hands on practical tutorials. Along with their written, code-sample rich tutorials and a built-in community, the site also offers a ton of video content.

It offers written tutorials for design and illustration, photography, video, music, web design, game development, craft, and more. The site offers more than 19,000 free tutorials to learn these creative skills.

App development professionals can refer to the Code section of Tuts+ which is talks about the latest trends in web and mobile app development. These tutorials include step-by-step written instructions and screenshots needed to create a practical outcome.

The tutorials range from as basic as setting up the cloudkit for an iOS app to creating a sample app similar to a popular app.

The site also offers premium services with paid accounts.

#6 LukeW Ideation and Design

Luke W Ideation + Design provide resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more.

Luke Wroblewski, the founder of this blog is an internationally recognized digital product leader. The blog is not purely about syntax and codes. This blog goes into more of the business side of mobile apps. If you want some awesome reads on design, UX, and mobile app business trends, just spend a few hours shuffling through this blog.

Luke uses videos and screenshots to explain a particular trend and authenticate it with relevant statistics and surveys. For example, in one of the posts he explains ‘How to Ask for App Permissions’. In this 4-minute video, he explains a number of ways one can design the apps to get the permissions. Each technique is supported by examples and results they can get.

#7 Inspired UI

It is a visual resource for app development professionals. This is a website that showcases the best mobile app designs. These apps include iOS apps, iPad apps, and Android apps. The website has 33 different categories for showcasing the different design interfaces like splash screens, sign up screens, activity feeds, notifications, home screens, logins, maps, timelines, etc.

There is no coding, no developing, and no testing. It is a collection of beautifully designed mobile apps, more like an inspiration.

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is the head of content marketing at Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses.