5 Brilliant Ways To Make Your App Demo Video Stand Out

1.8 million words!

That’s the value of  a one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

That’s equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages.

Here are few interesting figures about online videos from comscore, a website which measures online engagement and use.

  • 100 million internet users watch online video each day.
  • The average user spends around 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads every month.
  • 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product if they’ve seen a video about it first.

So, it is pretty clear ‘Videos’ are a big deal these days. Be it your content format or marketing strategy, videos are everywhere and everyone is consuming it.

App marketing is no different.

If you’re not using videos to market your app, you’re missing out on a huge market opportunity. In fact, with a great app preview video you can explain your app to the world in less than a minute. And if you’d like to receive a free quote and consulting on building your app, get in touch with us.

Even Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store allow developers to demonstrate the features, functionality, and user interface of their app in a short video that users can watch right next to the app screenshots.

Best app demo videos

Image Source: Apple.com

In our visual series today, we have got 5 super creative app demo video formats that will inspire you to think outside the box. Take a look:

#1 Use animated (extremely cute) characters

Remember, Dumb Ways To Die, a melodic music video featuring animated creatures who die in comically unintelligent ways?

3 years ago, this public service announcement video on Metro Rail safety broke the internet and turned into a global viral phenomenon. Now, this has been converted into a mobile game.

But, here we are talking about another app called ‘Headspace’ which used cute comic characters along with a great narration to create their app demo video.

#2 Make it look like an experiment (literally)

Here’s an interesting approach used by Slack, a B2B messaging app that grew at a breakneck pace.

One of the demo videos for this app was shot as an experiment on its own video creation team as they tried their hands on this new app.

The tone of the video, along with the special effects explains clearly what Slack is all about.

#3 Your app functionality can be your demo (if you are a video app)

You’ve probably heard of Periscope by now. The app have got a demo video on its home page which is nothing but a compilation of different live-stream Periscope videos. This minute-long video is good enough to explain the purpose of the app.

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#4 Live video with a user (nothing new, right?)

Yeah, there is no rocket science in thinking of a format as common as a live video for your app demonstration. But, the reason we mentioned it is because it can be combined with beautiful graphics to explain the functionality of the app. Check out AirBnB’s app demo video which is worth a watch!

#5 Boring explainer videos (done beautifully!)

There are tons of explainer videos out there. Not, every explainer video works. Though this format of demo video is considered to be less expensive and hassle-free, but then it has to be done beautifully.

Check out this demo video of Clear app, which uses nothing else but the app screens to explain the functionality of the app. The video has no narration or graphics, still it’s a win!

If you come across any other app demo videos which you think are creative and unique, do let us know in the comments section below.