6 Mobile App Beta Testing Resources To Get Early Adopters

There are TWO reasons why you’d want to beta test your mobile app: one is to test it for bugs and user flow experience and two, to gain early adopters and understand user behavior.

Either way, mobile app testing helps appreneurs move forward.

And it can certainly put you on the right track, even before you hit the app stores and go public with your launch.

Calendar app Tempo, which gained incredible media attention and consumer traction, tested the ‘hell out of’ their product’ before they launched.

They ran surveys, interviews with prospective customers and even launched it in Canada under a fake name and a fake landing page to see the click through rate on different versions on the iOS app store. And they did all this for about 9 months.

The app was recently acquired by Salesforce!

So let’s get to it then – help you find the resources (not mere mobile app testing tools) for mobile app testing and beyond, for the ability to find the relevant communities is much tougher than integrating the tools.

#1 Arkenea

As one of the top app development companies, Arkenea ensures that all the mobile apps that get built undergo a rigorous alpha and beta testing resulting in an app that provides the best user experience.

With over 8 years of experience in developing and deploying award winning mobile apps, acceptance testing performed before the app gets published on the app stores gives the product much needed user validation.

The first step is to address or build test cases right at the time we receive the SRS document. That gives all the breaking points of the mobile app. The newly developed mobile app first undergoes alpha testing in a controlled testing environment (developer site). The major bugs, compatibility and usability issues and feature gaps within the app are identified and rectified in house. The closure of alpha testing is followed by the commencement of beta testing.

Beta testing is a customer validation method in which involves pre-launch testing of the app by end users. User feedback collected on the design, usability and functionality is used to make the necessary changes within the app before it’s actual launch.

Utilizing the internal network developed, the product management, quality assurance and user experience teams are the primary stakeholders of beta testing launched at Arkenea. Using it’s tried and tested beta testing approach, Arkenea has a number of success stories in the form of apps like ORLink, Canvasly and Novo Nordisk which have gone on to raise millions in venture funding, have been featured among the top apps on app store and have several awards to their name.

Price: Inclusive with app development

Platforms: Android and iOS

#2 Usertesting

Evernote saw a 15% increase in user retention and a dramatic increase in user engagement after testing the beta version of their app on Usertesting.

This mobile app testing tool has seen many popular apps in their early avatars and helped them improve the features. Apps such as OpenTable, Flipboard, and Feedly are also a part of this list.

A unique feature of this tool is you can get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your mobile app.

Moreover, you can custom choose your beta testers and can test with people specifying gender, age, device, and operating system. There are also options to recruit by region, demographics, web expertise, and more. You can even specify device model and operating system with advanced screener questions. A mobile recorder records whatever is displayed on the mobile device, including wireframe, prototypes, and a tester’s thoughts. You will get a video of a user testing your app in about an hour.

The platform has access to over one million users and presently over 30,000 marketers and UX professionals are using this tool.

Price: Basic plan starts at $49/video

Platforms: Android and iOS

#3 Betalist

This site has a simple purpose – to promote new products which are in its beta stage while providing feedback to the app developers. The platform gives their members early access to more than 100 new online startups every month.

Pinterest was one of the popular products that leveraged the Betalist community for app testing as well as early traction.

There is just one requirement to get started on this platform – your mobile app should not be live yet, but instead have a ‘coming soon’ homepage where visitors can subscribe to a mailing list.

This platform has an audience of nearly 30,921 early adopters, including startup founders, tech consumers and investors who test your mobile app and provide valuable feedback.

All you need to do is submit your app with an appealing screenshot and clear description. Interested people are redirected to the landing page of the app for early signups. This gets you a list of early adopters ready to try your app.

You need to plan the beta testing for your mobile app well in advance as it can take several weeks for submissions to get reviewed.

Price: Free. A paid option of $99 is available for those that like to skip the waiting queue to get approved for user testing.

Platforms: Android and iOS

#4 PreApps

App developers can share their app and recruit beta testers before they launch their app to the iOS App Store, Google Play or the Windows App Store.

Each posted app gets its own page with a description, pricing, expiration (or release) date, screenshots, social sharing, videos, comments and suggestions. In return, PreApps encourages users to engage with your app by offering them points that can be collected and turned into gift cards.

App developers can even add polls and surveys to get the answers they need to fine-tune their app before launch.

The PreApps pre-launch buzz generated 183,000 downloads at the day of launch for the gaming app – Chuck the Muck.

Price: Posting of the app is free. The paid upgrades for better exposure starts with $99.99/year

Platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows

#5 Reddit

There are several sub-Reddit communities where app developers can submit the screenshots of their apps and get feedback from the Reddit community. This can also drive early interest in your app.

You can simply write a post requesting beta testers on relevant forums for their feedback based on mobile testing.

Some suggestions for relevant sub-Reddit communities are Betatests, Alpha and beta Users, and Android Apps.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows

#6 HockeyApp

HockeyApp which is owned by Microsoft allows developers to distribute beta versions of their apps to collect live crash reports, get feedback from users, recruit new testers, and analyze test coverage.

The beta version of your app can be installed by testers through HockeyApp’s mobile website or client app. As an admin, you will have control over which user can see and install your app.

The tool lets you build a recruitment page for inviting new mobile testing professionals.

The beta testers can create support requests, file bugs, or post ideas right from within your app. You can communicate with the testers through HockeyApp’s web interface or via email.

By integrating HockeyApp’s SDK into your app, you will get advanced metrics about the app testing done, such as, which devices were tested, which testers used the app for how long, and in which language it was tested.

Price: 1 month free mobile app testing trial followed by plans starting at $10/month

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac OS

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