Top 10 IT Recruitment/Staffing Agencies in 2022

The IT industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. IT projects outsourcing and staff augmentation have come up as viable alternatives to in-house hiring of technical resources amid massive global talent shortages fueled by spike in demand.

Working with an IT recruitment/staffing agency is a boon for business because of their expertise in identifying and vetting resources with specialized talent and being a repository for workers with in-demand skill sets.

Business benefits of IT recruitment/staffing agencies

Partnering with an IT recruitment/staffing agency has proven business benefits.

  1. Streamlining workforce productivity while keeping the costs in check.
  2. Overcoming business process hassles by outsourcing the vetting of tech talent during recruiting.
  3. Reducing tax burden on business by having resources on the IT staffing agency’s payroll.
  4. Supplementing the team with candidates with high level expertise and specific skill set

If you are looking to partner with an IT recruitment/staffing agency to work on your next project, here are the top 10 agencies you can choose from based on your requirements, budget and specific criteria

Top 10 IT Recruitment/Staffing Agencies

1. BenchPoint

Established in 2020, BenchPoint’s lineage in software development gives it strategic advantage over other IT recruitment companies. The core software expertise combined with tech leads and recruiters, the agency specializes in entire range of IT recruitment.

BenchPoint’s wide range of talent pool specializing in software development has 11+ years of experience working on software projects for up and coming IT startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

No matter what size and scope of your project is, if you are planning to kickstart your IT project, BenchPoint needs to be your go-to IT recruitment agency, especially if you are hiring for niche technology roles.

Key Points –

  • Specialization in IT and domain expertise
  • Large talent pool of trained IT professionals across technologies
  • IT recruitment provider to Fortune 500 and startups

2. Toptal

Initially conceived as a freelance marketplace in 2010, Toptal has evolved to be one of the leading IT recruitment/staffing agencies in addition to helping companies fill in their requirements in other domains such as finance, design etc. Majority of the resources on the platform work remotely and are hired by businesses across the globe to fulfill their specific staffing needs.

Every candidate in Toptal undergoes a rigorous vetting process making sure that only the top talent makes the cut to fulfill your recruitment/staffing needs. Among the thousands of applications the company receives, only 3 percent get onboarded.

Key Points –

  • Thoroughly vetted talent pool for IT staffing along with other candidates.
  • Hourly, part-time, full-time contractual hiring options
  • Globally distributed network of talent

3. Robert Half Talent Solutions

Robert Half is a trusted name in specialized staffing with offices across the globe with a long history behind it. Dating back to its establishment in the year 1948, the company helps business find top level talent while helping professionals in getting the right opportunities.

IT staffing is just one pillar of the company which also deals with meeting staffing requirements in business verticals such as marketing, finance & accounting, legal, and administrative making it one of the top IT recruitment/staffing agencies in our list.

Key Points –

  • More than 70 years experience in the field of staffing
  • Full spectrum of staffing specializations including IT staffing, finance staffing, legal staffing etc.
  • Massive talent pool

4. Insight Global

Established in 2001, Insight Global has rapidly come up as a leading IT recruitment/staffing agency for businesses in US and Canada. With more than 50 offices in these two countries, the company specializes in staffing for IT, Healthcare, Engineering,  Finance and Accounting.

Key Points –

  • Short-term contracts, long-term contracts and permanent hire
  • Handling search, candidate curation, onboarding and payroll
  • Customized solutions based on unique business needs

5. TEK systems

As a leading provider of IT staffing, talent management and services, TEKsystems has a three decade long history in the field and ranks among top IT recruitment and staffing agencies. Specializing in placing of talent with background in technology, the IT recruitment/staffing agency has one of the largest pool of tech talent across the globe with 7 global centres and 100+ locations worldwide.

Key Points –

  • Specializing in IT recruitment/staffing
  • Combination of people, processes and technology to deliver results
  • Global presence and vast pool of tech talent

6. RightStone

The IT staffing division of Cornerstone Staffing Solutions which was established in 1996, Rightstone is a dedicated IT recruitment/staffing agency that prides itself of providing the people and expertise needed to implement a wide array of complex outsourced IT projects. It provides turnkey services and specializes in all elements of IT staffing namely screening, onboarding and billing.

Key Points –

  • Award winning IT recruitment/staffing agency
  • IT contract staffing, sourcing and recruiting services
  • Serves emerging, growing and Fortune 500 companies

7. Diversant

Diversant is among one of the fastest growing IT recruitment and staffing agencies in the US. It is a certified minority business enterprise that offers Temporary Staffing, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and Managed Solutions. It is the staffing partner to a number of mid-market and Fortune 500 companies and specializes in finding talent that aligns with the business’ technology needs.

Key Points –

  • IT staffing for contractual and permanent positions
  • Offers direct connection to hiring managers
  • Focus on diversity in hiring

8. Addison Group

Founded in 1999, Addison group is one of the leading professional services firm that ranks among the top IT recruitment and staffing agencies. With a people first approach, it is North America’s leading IT staffing firm with more than two dozen offices in the US.

Key Points

  • People oriented IT recruitment and staffing agency
  • Professional staffing services for IT, administrative and finance positions
  • Years of experience in IT staffing

9. KForce

KForce is a leading staffing firm that specializes in IT staffing that focuses on an insight driven approach. KForce stands for knowledge force and strategic partnerships and knowledge sharing are the core of this IT recruitment/staffing agency. It offers a spectrum of staffing solutions based on the business requirements.

Key Points

  • Talent, team and project solutions offered.
  • Vast repository of highly skilled resources
  • Serving a significant majority of the Fortune 500 companies.

10. Cleartech

Cleartech is the end of end technical recruitment division of Clarity recruitment. Powered by Clarity’s two decades of experience in staffing and recruitment, Cleartech boasts of helping businesses fulfill their IT staffing needs from the Valley to the Alley. The talent is sourced from a wide array of diverse pipeline to ensure the best fit is found

Key Points

  • Dedicated team of expert recruiters to get meet the business’ staffing and recruitment needs
  • Consultative and personalized approach through support guidance and tactical strategy.
  • Expansive and rapidly growing network of technical talent.

Closing Words

Whether you are looking for specialists in field like Healthcare or Finance or looking for IT recruitment/staffing agencies that cater to a number of business verticals, the agencies listed above have the resources that can transform your next software project from an idea to a tangible solution.

Have questions about IT staffing and recruitment or confused between choosing IT projects outsourcing vs staff augmentation? Our expert consultants are just a message away. Get answers to all your queries and choose between the different staffing strategies. Decide on what works best for your business through tailored advice from our specialist consultants with 11 years of experience in the IT staffing industry.