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Healthcare and technology are in our DNA. Our specialization in the HealthTech space with the backing of a healthcare software development company provides a unique advantage to help our clients source the right talent faster.

Simplify Technology Recruiting And Find Top Healthtech Talent

Connect with candidates with the skill sets you need and find specialized HealthTech talent that is the perfect fit for your project.

Find qualified pre-vetted HealthTech talent

Quickly fill in open positions in high demand areas such as data science, software engineering and healthcare IT in the digital health and life sciences industry. Recruit dynamic healthtech talent that fuels your company’s growth. Recruit top talent across DevOps, engineering, data analytics, product development, marketing and sales.

Bridge the gap between technology and recruiting

With an in-depth understanding of the HealthTech landscape and 12+ years of specialized experience in the field of healthcare software development, we have the experience you need to make the favorable recruitment decisions. Recruit the right talent, for the right role, at the right time.

HealthTech recruitment across a range of industries

Our seasoned recruiters have years of experience hiring HealthTech and healthcare technology and IT talent across a range of industries such as healthcare services, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our clients range from disruptive high growth startups to established firms with high growth potential.

Best in Class Recruiting Process

Global HealthTech Recruiting Experts

Access better talent with our global talent pool

Whether you are looking to hire onshore talent or are open to widening the talent pool by onboarding remote recruits, our recruiters work on matching your needs as per your specifications. Streamlined approach for rapid, large scale, global hiring initiatives.

Easily scale up according to recruiting requirements

Streamline HealthTech recruitment without going through the hassle of recruiting from scratch. On demand recruiting allows you to scale up when the demand arises, optimizing resource utilization. Whether you need a single expert or a full team to get your project rolling, we have you covered.

Streamline recruitment with single point of contact

Make recruitment less challenging with our experienced recruiters that have in-depth understanding of the industry as a whole and remain committed to making sure that the hiring decisions align with your goals.

Our Technology Recruitment Offerings

Short term, flexible, on-demand access to skilled IT professionals that specialize in healthcare to resolve skill shortages

  • Find and fill skills gap in with short recruitment timeline
  • Stay agile while keeping overheads low with short term hires

Select from pre-vetted, carefully screened candidates shortlisted by our recruiters based on your specifications.

  • Hassle free recruitment for permanent positions
  • Ensure culture fit and diversity with a pool of proven HealthTech talent

Unwilling to take hiring decisions right off the bat? Access the skills and ensure the candidate is a good fit with temp-to-hire recruiting option before making a hiring decision.

  • Base your hiring decisions on concrete experience
  • Recruit experienced, reference checked candidates from a wide talent pool

Why Choose Arkenea As Your HealthTech Recruitment Agency


Domain Experts

10+ years of experience as a 100% dedicated custom healthcare software development company, developing HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications for clients.


Top Ranked

Ranked among the top software development companies in the world by industry research report titled Global Intelligent Apps Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026.


Loved by Clients

Highest number of success stories and positive reviews among healthcare software companies. Over 85% of our Top 20 clients in 2020 have been clients for the past 7 years.



We're consistently featured in top business and healthcare publications and trade magazines for our opinions about the healthcare industry and technology space.

Arkenea's Edge

HealthTech Recruitment Focus

Healthcare technology landscape is constantly evolving and organizations are increasingly feeling the need to have a robust HealthTech talent pipeline to meet their requirements. This is where our HealthTech recruitment focus comes into play. Whether you are a rapid growth healthcare startup or an established organization, our team of recruiters can match you with the talent you need.

Partner With Us To Onboard Your Next Tech Hire

As a leading HealthTech recruitment agency, our team of recruiters are well versed in the challenges and opportunities in the HealthTech industry. We specialize in recruitment across all functional areas in the HealthTech space ranging from research & discovery, clinical development, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing, and back office functions. 

Get in touch with us for expert strategies and comprehensive recruiting solutions in the HealthTech landscape.

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We're the only uniquely positioned HealthTech recruitment agency that understands software/technology first hand through our development experience and also understand the healthcare landscape to provide better matched talent. Get in touch today for a free consultation.