NPHub is a clinical rotations placement platform to connect Nurse Practitioner students with preceptors and clinical sites.

Wireframing  |  Prototyping   |   UI and UX Design   |   WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT

The Challenge

To build a website that would ease out the process of matching NP students with suitable preceptors since NP students would find it most difficult to find a preceptor on time which would in turn delay their graduation. The design objective was to create a highly intuitive platform for nurses to find rotations online – a user segment that is not used to finding opportunities online.

NPHub UI Exploration

The Solution

Keeping in mind the users of the website, the platform had to be designed in a manner that was intuitive and easy to use without any learning curve.

Key Highlights of the Solution

  • Online matchmaking website for students to filter for available educators by location preferences and medical specialty
  • Simplified preceptor booking functionality
  • Easy marking of availability for up to 6 seasons for preceptors
  • Data and analytics on student engagement on the platform

Word From Our Client

“Arkenea is able to guide decisions toward what you truly need instead of simply delivering a misguided product,”