10 Best Investing Apps to Grow your Money

Mobile apps are making it possible for investors to stay on top of their investments on the go. And, the presence of mobile investing apps is bolstering growth into online investments.

Drawing from out 10+ years of experience in custom software development, we have complied a list of our favorite investment apps available in the market.

These cover a myriad of investments ranging from savings plans to shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds as well as foreign currencies and commodities.

Best Investment Apps

Listed below are the best investing apps for both Android & iOS users.

1. Stash

Stash is an app available both on android and iOS platforms that offers a low-cost method to build a diverse portfolio. You can begin investing with as low as $5 in your hand and can invest automatically as per the settings that you prefer in the application.

Apart from investing Stash also has an option where it provides educational content according to your investment preferences and helps beginners to understand before they try to invest.

Depending upon the profile which is filled in the beginning stage, Stash provides a set of investments for you along with factors such as low costs, previous historical performances, risks involved, etc.

Speaking of fees, Stash offers 3 account tiers and charges a monthly fee. If you a beginner level investor, you will have to pay $1 as charge whereas the highest tier pays $9 per month.

2. Acorns

Acorns allows you to invest with as low as $3 per day. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Acorns is an investment application that concentrates mainly on ETF portfolios. Here the app is designed such that you won’t be able to buy or sell single stocks but have to select stocks and maintain a portfolio that will further help you to meet your long-term goals.

It is mainly for students or newbies who are interested in building a portfolio of investments. In terms of fees, Acorns usually does not charge any fees or commissions but it offers three account tiers with $1, $2, $3 charges per month respectively.

Additionally, with an option such as Acorns Spend you can save, invest as well as earn while you spend. Further, this option in Acorns app doesn’t charge any minimum fee and doesn’t work on commission. Access to another option such as Acorns Later which is an individual retirement account offers valuable tax benefits which is the easiest way to save for retirement.

3. Robinhood

From being the pioneer of fee-free trading, Robinhood platform provides a complete listing of assets, ranging from stocks to ETFs, options, and even cryptocurrencies. This platform is for people who are having experience in investing or who are aware of the nuances of investing.

You need not pay any fee to buy or sell any asset on Robinhood and there is no compulsion of the minimum account balance on its standard account. It further provides a good educational resource for the ones who need it.

In addition, Robinhood application has a premium account called, Robinhood Gold that allows your broker to trade for your account. As a security brokerage, Robinhood app is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) to protect user’s money as well as data.

4. Investing.com

This highly rated financial investing app is a one shop stop for traders and investors with smartphones available on android and iOS. Investing.com app has features that can provide you information regarding quotes and charts, news, financial data, technical data in the global financial market.

You can never miss any key economic event or announcement from around the world with its economic calendar section. You can further track your trades or watch your portfolio from any place. In addition, you will be frequently updated with the changes occurring in the stock market to keep you updated and maintain your portfolio accordingly.

5. Stockpile

Stockpile mobile app best goes for beginners who have just dipped their toes into investing. You do not have any monthly charges for the app, it’s just 99 cents per trade.

Also, it allows you to buy fractional shares of stock instead of buying a complete stock as per your amount. Available for both android and iOS users, Stockpile allows you to track the performance of your stocks or ETF that you have already purchased.

However, you won’t be able to find other assets such as bonds, hedge funds, index or forex. You are available for stocks, ETFs or American depositary receipt(ADR). In terms of fees, when using Stockpile mobile app you need to pay $0.99 per trade to purchase stocks whereas $0.99 per trade to sell stocks.

6. Investing Game

Available on both Google play store and Appstore, this platform helps you to dig your toes into stocks and FOREX and is absolutely free to download. Investing Game is a simple and straightforward app with content that speaks about stocks and trades and gives clarity to the app users so that they tend to make an easy and understandable trade.

Mainly focusing on beginner audiences, this app can help you learn not onlu about investing but also how to trade in the FOREX market. The main screen displays your portfolio with proper charts and technical indicators that can give you clarity about your stock position. In addition, you also get to know about cryptocurrency through this app.

7. UNest

UNest mobile app helps you save money and manage it for your kid’s education. Available for both android and iOS users UNest allows you to invest in your kid’s future in the most simple way. With spending much time, parents can build, manage and optimize a college fund that is tax-free.

With options such as a college savings calculator, you can set a goal and choose a monthly amount that is right for you. Speaking of fees, $3 per month is the fee that the app demands to maintain college saving accessible. In addition, you can easily view the account balance, change plans, and also manage transactions, all from your mobile phone.

8. Fidelity Investment

With fidelity investment app, investing is made easier with fractional shares. It offers 0 trading commissions on stock, ETF or options trades and no-expense-ratio index funds. To contribute to your IRA, you can use the fidelity investment app and deposit money directly into your Roth.

In addition, it also provides news, videos, charts, real-time quotes and also keeps a watch on your securities. It further offers podcasts on groundbreaking innovations, market insights, economy so that you are constantly updated ahead in the game.

Fidelity investment is the best mobile investing app for retirement investors, active traders, ETF and option trading.

9. thinkorswim

This app is free to download on appstore and you can track your investments easily with this straightforward app. thinkorswim is for someone who is more opportunistic in managing their money. You can trade free for 60 days and then you are charged $9.99. You can quickly watch curated content on how to use the apps, learn about the market and even to place your first trade.

The power of investing is in your hands as this mobile app tends to provide you 24/5 trading, on-spot help, charts with technical indicators, etc. This app also consists of educational videos to guide your investment moves. You can watch the curated content on how to make the correct investments, learn about the market, etc.

10. Penny Stocks

You can easily filter stocks by stock price and volume on Penny Stocks app. Available on both android and iOS platforms, this app is mostly used penny stock traders and is free to download. The format of this app makes it very easy to view different stocks and how they are performing.

These stocks are trading on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Express (AMEX), and NASDAQ whereas the data available on this app is based on end of day data, it’s not live data.

You can generally search for stocks under $1, $2, or $5 and can further filter the stocks depending upon the volume. Trading and investing in penny stocks is risky but you can still make money investing in penny stocks if you trade smart and know what to look for.

Final Verdict

So, should you go ahead with the investment app?

In today’s mobile world, investing is becoming easier and cheaper than ever. Plus, it depends on the level of your knowledge.

When you download any investment app, it is of utmost importance to perform your own research on the stocks and securities that you plan to invest in through the app services.

Additionally, understanding the basic jargon such as mutual funds, SIP, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, reading charts, etc. can help you take better decisions and make better choices in investing your money.

Keep Investing!

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