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We helped ORLink build a surgical workflow platform that raised venture funding and was awarded a design patent.


OR Link

“Arkenea’s work is entirely responsible for getting us investments.”

I wasn’t clear on everything in the beginning, and they helped me work through it all. This isn’t a project for amateurs or people who exaggerate their capabilities. Arkenea has behaved professionally and concentrated all their attention on my product. They’ve handled themselves with a lot of class. In my 30 years of experience, I’ve never accomplished this much in a single project before.

Novo Nordisk

Rick Baker

CTO and Chief Strategist
- ORLink Surgical Workflow Platform

Novo Nordisk

“Arkenea takes ownership of the project, and it shows.”

I’ve worked with outsourcing firms for the last 11 years, and Arkenea has been the best one so far. Arkenea developed an effective and reliable platform for us. The team’s attention to detail makes the quality of their work stand out. I’ve been managing UI/UX for 21 years, and they have caught things that I missed.

Novo Nordisk

John Fox

CTO, Formulary Insights Inc
– Drug Monograph Automation

Novo Nordisk

“Arkenea delivered everything we asked for!”

I am pleased with how quickly they respond to our questions, suggestions, or queries. They have always been accessible when we need them. Arkenea is always willing to find a technical solution to problems we encounter. They have tremendous technical expertise, and in my opinion, they can tackle any kind of project no matter how simple or complicated.

Novo Nordisk

Stefanos Papapanagiotou

Founder, Feelya Telemedicine Platform


Novo Nordisk

We helped Novo Nordisk increase prescription rates by 35%.

Arkenea helped build an enterprise sales software (iPad) for the Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to streamline their product presentations to physicians, which helped the company increase their prescription rates by 35% and 3x rise in physician access and engagement.


ORLink raised over $1M in venture funding attributing to the MVP we built for them.

Arkenea helped ORLink build a surgical workflow software as an iPad app, which is touted as the most advanced cloud platform for OR professionals that connects to every EHR system. Arkenea created a modern, drag-and-drop environment that’s easy to use and self-explanatory. The software was also awarded a design patent.

Feelya Telemedicine Platform

Arkenea helped increase sales revenue by rearchitecting the cloud software.

We helped revise the user experience of the mental health telemedicine software to increase user engagement on the web platform. We redesigned and built a new client and therapist journey that would be more attractive and easy to use. We also revamped the booking process to make it more efficient. The end result was increased client and therapist registrations, driving their revenues north.


We helped develop the web application to boost Welgo’s physician access and revenues.

Welgo’s application provides streamlined physician dispensing software that is simple to use and highly efficient. Welgo software combined with Welgo’s wholesaling facility make us one of the most unique medical distributors in the field. Arkenea was responsible for developing this healthcare application which helped Welgo scale their operations from limited geographical reach because of a brick and mortar business to nationwide access via the web application and process automation.



With over 9 years of building healthcare software with HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, we ensure that the right technical safeguards are implemented in your healthcare software (web or mobile) and will also help you identify and host at a HIPAA and/or HITRUST compliant hosting server.


Novo Nordisk
OR Link
Novo Nordisk
OR Link


Arkenea is able to offer a true product development experience to its clients by attracting the product engineering talent to the consulting business.

Arkenea is the leading App Product Development firm helping non-tech founders build better apps, mobile, and e-commerce websites

Major vendors in the global intelligent apps market include IBM, Google, AWS, Oracle, Facebook, Arkenea, SAP SE and Intel, among others.

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