The Best Startup Events From June 8-14

The Best Startup Events From June 8-14

The best place to meet potential cofounders, get technical or marketing help, recruit talent or get insights and inspiration on starting your venture is startup events.

At Arkenea, we always strive to help you build a better, long-term and sustainable business. We’ve done the research for you and listed some of the startup events that we feel you shouldn’t miss.

So, click on one of the following cities you’re interested in.

Startup Events in Silicon Valley – San Francisco Bay Area

From garage to $50M+: the success story of SugarCRM with cofounder John Roberts

Thu, June 11, 6pm – 9pm

Join us to listen to John Roberts telling his inspiring story about how you can go from your garage to becoming one of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.

Price: FREE


SVOD – Silicon Valley Open Doors Entrepreneurship Investment Conference

Wed, June 10, 8:30am – 6:30pm

Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD), a premier Silicon Valley technology investment conference that brings together startups from all over the world with the prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firms, leading technology companies, and business media.

Price: $200+


FunnyBizz Conference

Thu, June 11, 8am – 5pm

In just one (raucously entertaining) day, our elite roster of speakers will teach you essential principles of comedy, improv and storytelling, how to apply those concepts to you and your business.

Price: $200



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Startup Events in Boston

Unbounce Conversion Road Trip

Mon, June 8, 11:00am – 8:30pm

Landing page campaigns, design, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, a/b testing and more.

Price: $149


Boston TechJam

Thu, June 11, 4pm – 9pm

Celebrate Boston tech with live music, demos, art and food trucks.

Price: $10



Startup Events in Dallas


Tue, June 9, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

We’re starting a new tech hangout every other Tuesday night at Eastside, opposite weeks of LittleDOCC. What is it exactly? Hanging out, shooting the breeze, whatever you want to get out of it. No presentations, no scheduled talks – just high fives and geeky chat about whatever you want. Let’s just rally anyone local interested in tech and have a good time.


#DTAOCC! Talk tech, startups, and digital lifestyle for an hour!

Thu, June 11, 8am – 11am

Join us as we talk tech, startups, and the digital lifestyle over coffee and pastries! This is a meetup unlike all of the others in the area – it’s moderator led. Bring a friend or two and get a charge for the day. See you soon! Have a topic you want to discuss at our next meetup? Use #DTAOCC to tag the article/link so others can read up on it before hand.



Startup Events in Austin

Co-Founders Wanted Meetup & Companies Pitch Demos

Mon, June 8, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Work might be from 9-5, but business happens between 5-9. Austin Cofounders is like networking events, except fun; like a party, except business-oriented, and like a startup pitch series, except informal and fast-paced. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience that makes for the perfect evening for entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, and fun seekers alike.

Price: $12.00


Product Austin: UX Strategy Means Business by Jared Spool

Tue, June 9, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Product Austin is excited to bring you Jared Spool at our June 2015 Meetup. Come to this meeting to learn about how to UX Strategy for Business from one of the foremost experts on UX in the world today.

Price: Free!


Austin All-Girl Hack Night: Javascript study night

Wed, June 10, 7pm – 9pm

At our last meeting we decided on the format and approach for the Javascript study group. The Javascript study will take place at the All Girl Hack Night meetings. That doesn’t mean that All Girl Hack Night will be limited to Javascript from now on. We will occasionally have presentations and study sessions on other technical topics. Though we will start out studying “vanilla” Javascript to get the understanding of the fundamentals of this language, we will also sometimes dive deeper into various frameworks.



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Startup Events in Houston

Entrepreneur Social Hour

Tue, June 9, 7pm – 10pm

We’re meeting at the CRUSH WINE BAR. It’s on the Waterway in the Woodlands across from the Goose’s Acre restaurant. Grab a cocktail or glass of wine and relax. Dress to impress – meet and greet other Woodlands Entrepreneurs! Tuesday at 7:00pm.


Tech chat at Molly’s

Wed, June 10, 7pm – 10pm

Casual chat at Molly’s every other week. They have a full bar, lots of good beer on tap, and food from O’Malley’s across the street. We’ve moved back to Wednesday nights for the summer.


Houston Demo Party

Thu, June 11, 6pm – 9pm

Come and see what our students have created in their time at camp. You will be amazed at how much they have learned in such a short time! This is a great way for hiring partners to see what can actually get accomplished in 9 weeks and the skills level of the candidates coming out of camp. We are turning this into a huge party at the Houston Technology Center because we want to have as many people come as possible. We will have food and drinks. Invite your friends in the industry and let us know what we can do to make the night more fun and present our amazing students in the best light.



Startup Events in Seattle

Introduction to the Seattle Start Up Community

Wed, June 10, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

This free class is an orientation to help newcomers to the startup scene get acquainted with the exciting world of tech in Seattle. We will give you the inside scoop on key events/meetups to attend, people, companies, VCs, blogs, incubators, programs, hot issues, and more.

Join us for happy hours following the event to meet local entrepreneurs!

Price: Free!


Suits to Coffee House: Transitioning from Corporate America to the Startup Scene

Wed, June 10, 7pm – 8pm

How can you take a business idea from concept to startup? Join us on June 10 for special guest Priya Dandawate as she shares her insight on launching Tousled, coding as a creative outlet, knowing your industry, why now is a great time to be in tech, and much more.

Price: Free

Event Language: Finnish


Introduction to Prototyping

Sat, June 13, 10am – 1pm

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of prototyping in Axure, one of the more powerful prototyping software packages available today. You’ll do this by creating a prototype of a common user interaction that simulates different states as well as success and failure cases.

Price: $35



Startup Events in New York

Ben Parr Talks #Captivology in NYC

Thu, June 11, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

We’re excited to welcome Silicon Valley legend – Ben Parr – to NYC for a talk and exclusive book signing of his newest book, Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, at the Union Square Ballroom beneath the iconic Union Square Coffee Shop!

Join 200+ entrepreneurs, marketers and technologists to listen in and discuss the key insights and techniques to go about leveraging credibility and retaining the attention of friends, colleagues, customers, fans, and even strangers.

Price: $20 – General Admission


Squarespace Presents: Bandsintown

Thu, June 11, 7pm – 9pm

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP and Squarespace present “You’re in Good Company,” a monthly speaker series giving startups and entrepreneurs a peek behind the business strategies of a curated selection of successful Squarespace customers.

Price: $10



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