12 Resources To Rock Your Mobile App Marketing

Success in marketing depends on meticulous use of data to make decisions that will help foster mobile app downloads. It also depends on identifying your mobile app’s core value and crafting a positioning message accordingly.

Success comes from also identifying the channels that work for you and being consistent, persistent and thinking creatively while proactively seeking user traction.

Luckily, there are published resources available that give you tips and guidance on how to growth hack your way into getting consistent downloads over the long term.

This resource guide compiles the best articles found on helping you do so.

1. 5 Strategies to Double App Downloads Before The Year Ends. The end is near. But also, the biggest and the most important part of the year is coming up, not just for personal festivities, but also for your mobile app. There are 5 strategies here that will get you quick success in doubling your app downloads before this year ends, and one of those is about how to capitalize holiday sales.

2. 3 Effective Channels For Marketing Your Mobile App. It pays to learn which are those most effective marketing channels that bring in predictability in growth and user acquisition.

3. 5 Landing Page Must Haves To Boost App Downloads. One of the key components in marketing your mobile app is its landing page. When someone finds your app’s landing page online, make sure it contains all these elements to turn them into a customer.

4. 8 Ways To Influence Users To Download Your Mobile App. You need to influence people even before they get to your landing page by convincing them of the value you’re offering. This article highlights those 8 ways to get more traction.

5. How To Leverage Your Existing Users To Promote Your App. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of only focusing on acquiring users, rather than engaging current ones that are actively using the app. Everyone wants viral effect, but no one works towards it. The only thing that causes a viral effect is word of mouth, which is best spread by those that have used your product.

6. How To Build Word of Mouth or Viral Marketing. Go back to the basics of marketing – word of mouth. It all boils down to that one strategy that brings exponential returns at the least cost you can imagine. Here’s how you can build a viral marketing effect for your mobile app.

7. Some Of The Most Gutsy Trade Secrets To Increase App Downloads.In the crowded mobile-app market, getting noticed is becoming harder by the day. Here are four growth hacks from the industry’s best to Increase downloads for your mobile app.

8. 25 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free. It does not make sense to pay advertising dollars to get customers because often the cost of customer acquisition is never lower than the lifetime value of the customer. However, there are many ways out there to promote your app for free. Here are 25 of your most creative options.

9. Before You Start Your Social Media Campaign, Read This. There are many key ingredients that make for a great social media strategy. But, they also raise several questions on the approach, channels and tools required. These are a few of the most common questions answered.

10. The Anatomy Of A Rock Star Social Media Post. One of the biggest challenges in promoting products or services on social media is crafting a message that drives engagement and conversions. This article tells you how to stand out from your competition and drive more customer engagement.

11. Mobile App Marketing: Ultimate Guide To Free Techniques. A detailed account of 7 strategies that you can use today for free to market your mobile app.

12. 22 Quotes To Inspire Your Marketing Efforts. And finally, we all need inspiration in life and in business. Here are inspiring quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketing gurus to help you market your mobile app.

[Bonus Link] 52 actionable mobile app growth hacks to boost your app downloads week after week.

Rahul Varshneya

Rahul is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development consulting firm for fast-growing businesses, providing on-demand engineering talent and MVP development services.

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