Co-founders Rahul Varshneya and Karthik Krishnaraj built and scaled several technology companies over the last couple of decades – always faced with one specific challenge.

Rahul Varshneya


Karthik Krishnaraj


How do you find the right IT outsourcing company that is as aligned towards meeting the business goals as much as the internal teams are?

Having faced those challenges first hand and validated the need for a development partner that would take on the role of an internal CTO and tech team, Rahul and Karthik launched Arkenea six years back.

Since then, Rahul and Karthik have worked with over 150 entrepreneurs, helping them build, launch and maintain their software businesses (Web, Mobile, IoT, Wearables, VR, AR).

Their belief has always been that if a founder is seeking a developer, there are enough out there that can code the product.

But there aren’t many that can help bridge the gap between the business goals and technology; there aren’t many that can understand your customer needs and share insights on the best possible approaches to solve their problem through technology.

That’s the role of Arkenea – a true partner to founders and entrepreneurs in building a successful software business.

Some of the areas that Arkenea adds value to its customers is in business strategy, product strategy, onboarding-engagement-retention strategies, go-to-market strategy, UI/UX design, development and deployment of the product. Customers only pay for the latter two – design and development.

So, if you’re seeking the one true partner that can help you achieve success, let’s talk!