50+ internet of things based
solutions delivered, and counting

At Arkenea,we have expertise on all layers of IoT software development. We’ve de
signed our own IoT software platform that enables rapid IoT application development along with security, control and analytics.

IoT Gateway

We’ve designed IoT Gateways that perform several critical functions such as device connectivity, protocol translation , data filtering and processing, security and more.

IoT Cloud Server and Big Data

We enablethe big data collected by sensor nodes deployed to cloud servers and provide dashboard, machine learning, analytics and graphical representations, among others.

The data collected can be sent to cloud services.Whether it is Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT development, Microsoft Azure IoT development, IBM Bluemix IoT development, ThingWorxIoT developmentor SAP HANA IoT development, we’ve got you covered.

IoT Mobile App

The information deployed on Cloud can be displayed using a Mobile Application on Android and iOS platforms. We design and develop custom and native mobile apps with a focus on simple and effective, user-friendly interface.

These apps are power sensitive with effective power management to preserve battery life.