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Website Development

We have ample experience in working with Internet entrepreneurs. Those who started with us by building just a prototype to take to investors or to their customers for validation, through to the final product launched successfully.

In essence, we empower entrepreneurs in launching their website businesses. Why? Because, Arkenea is run by first generation entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs best.

We know what it takes for entrepreneurs to launch their Internet startup and we work closely on all counts offering pro-bono business consulting. We create e-commerce websites, portals, intranets, CMSs, you name it.

We are interested in making your website successful.

If you’re looking for a web design and development company, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • We add value to your Internet startup through business and customer insights.
  • We provide insights into customer buying habits and how to drive more sales or leads through your website.
  • Design leads our website development.
  • Usability takes centre stage to provide a fantastic user browsing experience.
  • We create a customized marketing plan (FREE) for your website based on your budget to maximize traffic and conversions.

All of this helps us create a fantastic, long-term relationship with our clients.
Proof? 60% of our business comes through existing clients.

Client Testimonials
We have found the perfect partner in Arkenea, who have been critical in delivering the quality product that is FlyNRate. Their market knowledge on applications, websites and technologies have contributed to a great user experience.
Oliver Werneyer,
Co-founder - LSW Technologies
Arkenea thinks outside the box and offer solutions through the creative process of developing apps.
They care about their customers.
Glenn Harrold,
Hypnotherapist and Best Selling Author
We will do anything to communicate to others that you are good people to work with and that you produce a quality product. I might also add, that you help to prevent the customer from "bitting-off" more than they can chew.
Dave Fashenpour,
I am very happy with the quality of the job done, the team worked committed to deliver on a very tight schedule to meet the commitment.
Husni El Assi,
General Manager - CircleCom
Arkenea produced Beemer for us and I was extremely happy with their work. They were easy to work with, timely in their responses, and quick to fix problems. They took our ideas, augmented them, and turned them into reality.
Dr Edward Tang,
Arkenea provided an excellent product that was bug free, intuitive to use and had great graphics. They also did a great job of working with me to understand what I wanted to make sure the product looked right on launch date.
Michael Reynolds,
A few Websites we have designed and developed


FlyNRate is the best travel companion you will ever have on your iPhone and iPad, whether you travel a lot for business or just because you can. This free app is conceived by LSW Technologies in partnership with Arkenea Technologies. Arkenea has also done the design and development of the application.


What is the hardest thing about meeting someone new? Starting a conversation. Beemer is the new social media app that will help you with just this.

Check out your TOUCHES and decide if you would like to send out a HOOK ME UP request. If you do, you can open a Chat box with that person. If the Chat goes well, go meet for coffee!

Rahul Varshneya

Rahul Varshneya has spent his entire career either working for startups or starting businesses. He now spends time between coaching aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their ventures, apps and websites, and building Arkenea Technologies, empowers entrepreneurs in launching their mobile apps and website businesses.


Sunoray provides cloud communication solutions for businesses. These solutions help businesses take advantage of our enterprise grade communication platform to prospect, acquire, service, engage and retain customers. Businesses can sign up for our "pay as you go" plans, without having to worry about any upfront investments towards infrastructure or technical know how.


Megha gives your company a big enterprise feel and makes sure that you never miss out on any business related call. It enables you to remain connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Low Cost Car Audio

In 1999, it was acknowledged that the market for retailing of Car Audio Equipment and associated products was changing with the increase of use and the popular appeal of the World Wide Web. The development of www.lowcostcaraudio.co.uk will be ongoing in order to try to achieve the best possible and most competitive website for In Car Entertainment in the UK.


Development Centre

  • Our development centre is located in India’s IT hub, Pune, India which is strategically located close to Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. Most of the world’s largest IT services companies have their base in Pune thereby making available abundant highly skilled resources for development of projects.
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