Top 10 Articles On Building A Mobile App Startup

Let 2015 be the year when you fulfil your dreams of launching your mobile app startup. Even if it means starting small with just a side project, you never know it could eventually become a billion dollar business!

Heck, I’m not kidding. Twitter was a side project. And so was Blogger. And even Hyperlapse by Instagram was a side project!

So now that you have an app idea, I’ve put together this list of 10 articles that will help you to go from idea to a mobile app, live in the app store.

Here’s how you can chase your dream in 2015:

1. Stumped on a Startup Idea? Check Out These 4 Resources: if you want to build an app but still looking for inspiration, one of these 4 resources could get you that mobile app idea to launch your business with.

2. Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t shoot down ‘bad’ ideas: don’t discard an idea just because YOU feel it isn’t worth it. Often, ideas that appear bad at first go on to change the world!

3. 3 Factors That Could Limit The Growth Of Your Mobile-App Startup: mistakes are bound to happen, but these can totally be avoided. Read this post to learn how not to make the same mistakes that others are making.

4. 11 Helpful Tools for Every Step of Building a Mobile App: building an app requires that you have the right tools to deliver efficiently on every aspect of its life cycle.

5. 9 Tools That Can Help Grow Your App Business: These products, many of which have free options, allow you to track users and connect with them.

6. 6 Common Traits of the Biggest Apps: If you want to make it in the mobile app business, follow the examples of what works and sits atop the charts.

7. 11 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that Users will Love: here’s great advice — some of which can be hashed out early in the development phase, and a few tips on details to polish just before release.

8. 4 Ways to Get More Out of Mobile App Marketing: strategies for those of you who have got all it takes to grow their business, but lack the knowledge or insights on the tools.

9. Build a Better App With These 4 Design Essentials: It’s not just about the look and feel, but how your potential users interact with the program.

10. The 4 Gutsy Trade Secrets to Increase App Downloads: In the crowded mobile-app market, getting noticed is becoming harder by the day. Here are four growth hacks to Increase to help increase downloads for your mobile app.

Bonus Content: 52 Actionable Mobile App Growth Hacks – a free email series that is focused purely on boosting app downloads.

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Rahul Varshneya

Rahul is the co-founder of Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses, and author of The Appreneurship Guide