10 Gorgeous Home Offices To Inspire The Entrepreneur In You

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Home offices don’t need to be a drab. Neither should they be setup in the garage as some of the most popular and successful entrepreneurs did.

Jeff Bezos created Amazon website in his garage in Washington. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, graduates of Stanford University, rented a garage from a friend in 1998 and co-founded Google.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne developed the first Apple computer in 1976 in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents’ house. And Richard Branson (pictured above) started out on his business career from his friends basement.

All of these entrepreneurs moved to offices later on, but there are still thousands to continue to work out of a home office. And, some of these entrepreneurs are redefining home offices by building the most creative and beautiful work stations, at HOME. After all, that’s where you’d be spending the most part of your day!

Take a look at these 10 beautiful home offices to inspire you to build one of your own.

#1 David Porter, CEO of 8tracks, an online radio platform started working from this beautiful house in San Francisco.

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Source: Forbes

#2 Joel Young, founded Dock Artisan in 2011, a company building accessories for Apple products. A business which started as a ‘fun little craft project’ from his backyard has grown exponentially over the past few years.

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Source: consciousconnectionmagazine

#3 Massachusetts’s art assistant Justin Kemp decided that if he couldn’t work by the beach, he would bring the beach to work. So he constructed a sandpit underneath his desk. He installed a sandbox, Mac Pro, desk and chair in his living room. He calls his office ‘Surfing with Sand Between My Toes’.

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Source: justinkemp.com

#4 Wade Davis, an explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society, designed a 16-foot dome containing the library of books he uses the most, accessible only via a ladder. Wade wanted a cave-like atmosphere to disappear into his work at his home. He calls the space his ‘Navajo kiva of knowledge’.

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Source: enpundit & washingtonlife

#5 Chris Sneesby was inspired by the work of TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin to invent the Archipod, a home office in shape of round pod made from timber, which is fitted inside with a desk and data points.

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Source: Archipod

#6 Positioned on a hillside near Adelaide that overlooks the sea, Australian architect Max Prichard designed and built this tree top studio as a quiet retreat for his weekend work.

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Source: dezeen

#7 This is not anyone’s personal home office, but Zoku is a hotel of home-office hybrids for travelling professionals. It features micro-lofts that are ‘hybrids’ for living and working.

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Source: livezoku

#8 Russian-based art director/designer Vadim Sherbakov has a stylish home office mixing dark wood furniture, antique-looking objects and artifacts.

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Source: lifehacker

#9 Swedish designer Per Vestman’s workspace is situated in what looks like a hallway at the top of the stairs. The open railing, natural light, and the space in front of the stairs makes this small workspace seem expansive.

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Source: lifehacker

#10 Mark Jordan of Marple Bridge Photography packs three computers and various office necessities into what would otherwise be a small space to fill.

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Source: flickr

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