These 8 Twitter Accounts Have The Funniest Take On Startups

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There are challenges in everyone’s life. Being an entrepreneur, we can totally relate to your everyday struggles. But, there is no better way of relieving stress with a pinch of good humor.

Trust us on this, it won’t solve those boardroom decisions but will certainly help you sail through a hard day.

If you are thinking, who has got time for watching those funny TV series when you have to prepare your startup pitch? Here’s your answer.

Below are 8 of the funniest and wittiest tech and startup comedy Twitter accounts that will provide you with your daily dose of startup quips, news, tips, and more, but in the most fun manner.

#1 Aaron Levie/@levie

Anyone in the tech startup space would (or should) know Aaron Levie, the founder and CEO of Box. Aaron is known to have a good sense of humor and is quite popular on social media for his sharp-witted humorous tweets. He does an amazing job distilling startup strategy into 140 characters.

He is an accomplished magician and he calls himself the ‘chief magician’ of Box.

#2 Startup L. Jackson/@StartupLJackson

This account is called Silicon Valley’s anonymous, unfiltered tech pundit. For years, he/she has tweeted his/her candid — and often humorous — take on the startup industry behind a veil of mystery. People, especially from media have tried guessing the person behind this account, but SLJ says only a few know about his identity.

#3 NextTechBlog/@NextTechBlog

The account is part startup satire and part startup media satire. The account pokes fun with its fake headlines in the Mobile-First Real-Time Technology space. It’s a rip-off of blogs and publications that cover startups.

#4 Gabe Rivera/@gaberivera

Gabe is the founder of San Francisco-based tech news aggregator, Techmeme. This funny guy has been featured on TIME’s list of ‘Best Twitter Feeds’. He tweets about the latest tech happenings as well as his opinions on digital issues.


A parody account of a chief executive officer of a fictional programming company. The account taps into the crazy expectations of startups as well as the perennial tension and misunderstandings between developers and non-technical team members.

#6 Fake Product Hunt/@fakeproducthunt

A parody account for one of the biggest community of contributors of new products, Product Hunt. The account tweets about the best fake products, everyday.

#7 Bored Elon Musk/@BoredElonMusk

A futuristic hyper-parody account for Elon Musk. The account tweets thoughts and inventions from Elon, in his downtime.

#8 I Am Developer/@iamdevloper

The bio for this account reads, “These views are also the opinions of my employers, any problems, speak to their legal team. *puts headphones back in*”

The account tweets about developers and their lives. Someone who codes will very well relate to these humorous tweets.

That’s it for now guys! And if you have any more suggestions for this list, do share it in the comments below.

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is the head of content marketing at Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses.