Early TV Appearances of 8 Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous entrepreneurs

We are always curious to know more and more about some of the most famous entrepreneurs. In our previous visual posts, we have tried giving you a slice of their lives by showing you the history of Silicon Valley and daily routines of famous entrepreneurs.

Today, these inspirational entrepreneurs must have clawed their way to the top, but they were also nervous (like most of us) when they were starting out building their products.

I’m sharing a list featuring the early TV appearances of 8 of the most popular entrepreneurs. In these videos, you will watch their tales of hustle as they take charge to promote their companies (rather, their startups).

#1 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Marks’ first interview was over a decade ago, in 2004. A 19-year-old Mark appeared on CNBC’s ‘Bullseye’ to discuss his new, expanding social networking site. Back then the website was called TheFacebook.com.

#2 Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

No ‘Famous Entrepreneurs’ list is complete without Steve Jobs. In this video, he is prepping for his first TV appearance. A young and a nervous Steve says, “God, look at that. Look, I’m on television!” You will see Steve preparing to be interviewed by San Francisco’s KGO-TV in 1978. The footage of the interview has probably been lost 🙁

#3 Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Sir Richard Branson, the flamboyant British entrepreneur and adventurer, made an early appearance in 1971 in a documentary. Here’s a part of the documentary showing Richard in the early days of the Virgin empire, working for his mail order LP record business.

#4 Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com

Here’s an interview of Jeff Bezos in 1997. A very happy and comfortable Jeff explains where he got the idea for Amazon.com, so-called his ‘claim of fame.’

 #5 Bill Gates, Microsoft

Here’s a TV news report from KOB-TV in Spring, 1977, which probably includes the first ever TV interview of Bill Gates. Bill can be spotted giving a byte about microprocessors. Back then, Microsoft was just a startup which opened up shop to write software for these new machines.

#6 Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Back then in 1999, Elon Musk made his appearance in an oversized suit in a documentary about millionaires. At the time, he was not the founder of Tesla Motors and Space X. In the video, he accepts delivery of his million-dollar McLaren F1 supercar – just 3 years after setting foot in Silicon Valley.


 #7 Evan Williams, Twitter

Twitter was launched in 2006 and here’s a video of Twitter co-founder giving a web interview to a blogger in the year 2007. Evan shares how he explains to his mom what exactly is Twitter. Going further he shares his favourite API apps.

 #8 Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google

This 1998 video interview was shot when Google office was not as fancy as it is today. The Google co-founders got featured in a TV report about upcoming Internet entrepreneurs. Back then, the company was running from Larry and Sergey’s room in the William Gate’s building, Stanford.


Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is the head of content marketing at Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses.