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We read, a lot.

As 2016 kicked in, I read plenty of articles on trends, predictions, analysis and more.

It’s almost half way through this year and I thought of sharing some of the most popular tech articles I have read in last few months.

These articles come from the best publications, such as, Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, TNW, etc. and have got some brilliant insights for anyone planning to build a tech product.

The brilliant content of these articles have got thousands of shares and reads and are some of the most popular ones on Internet for 2016, so far.

If you have read them, great, if not, they are worth your time!

Here you go:

#1 Please don’t learn to code

What happens to the person who spent night and day studying Objective-C only to be horrified by the Swift announcement at WWDC 2014?

Basel Farag, an iOS developer perfectly sums up the plight of a coder in this TechCrunch article. He explains why the line between learning to code and getting paid to program as a profession is not an easy line to cross.

Read the full article here. 

#2 Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free

This Wired post came just after Elon Musk and Sam Altman unveiled their new artificial intelligence company and revealed open AI.

Author, Cade Metz explains why Open AI can be 21st century’s most transformative technology and in the process, it could remake the way people make tech.

Read the full article here.

#3 10 app icon redesigns: The good, the bad and the ugly

Instagram changed its app icon, and while a new look was probably a good idea, many aren’t happy about it.

Many high-profile companies and services made the transition, with varying success. After recent makeover of Instagram, Mashable dissected notable app icon redesigns and what followed afterwards.

The post has some of the good, the bad and the ugly of the major apps that took the austere leap into modern times.

Read the full article here.

#4 Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

For some reason, developers can’t seem to resist taking classic games and apps and putting them on platforms that they were never meant to run on.

Developer Nick Lee showed us all what it feels to run Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. It’s slow but definitely appears to be more functional than you’d expect.

#5 Facebook considers letting users add a tip jar to make money from posts

A user survey distributed last month hints at a broad range of ways that users could make money or promote a cause, including a tip jar, branded content, and taking a cut of the ad revenue Facebook earns from posts.

The post has got 20k+ shares.

Read the full article here.

#6 Why mesh may remove the “I” from “IoT”

This post from Readwrite website by Jason Ernst explains why a mesh network may be the answer to connecting the Internet of Things without needed the internet itself or access to the cloud.

The post emphasizes on the fact that the right mesh technology is coming that can stitch together all underlying wireless protocols in a way that doesn’t require expert users and lots of user intervention.

Read the full article here.

#7 Apple and Google are waging a war for mobile search domination

It should be no surprise that the war for search has gone mobile as people spend more and more time on their phones.

This TNW’s post compares Apple and Android in the battle for mobile search and also sums up what this search battle means for the businesses trying to use search to drive mobile adoption are left to deal with the fallout.

Read the full article here.

#8 Inside Facebook’s ambitious plan to connect the whole world

Mark Zuckerberg has named the Connectivity Lab’s work one of his three top priorities for the year.

He plans to launch a satellite above sub-Saharan Africa by year’s end and Facebook has developed new mapping software that takes advantage of AI-enhanced maps to better determine where people need their phones to work.

Yes, all this and more in this brilliant post from Wired.

Read the full article here.

#9 Netflix CEO Explains Why A “Gut” Feeling Is Still Better Than Big Data

The CEO of one of the fastest-growing tech companies has some advice on how to make decisions with big data: Trust your gut.

Netflix’s Reed Hastings says that even though the company famously invests heavily in data analytics, the ultimate decisions come down to smart intuition.

Read the full article here.

#10 Teenagers react to Windows 95, cannot imagine what their elders endured

The majority of teenagers alive today weren’t alive in the 90s, meaning the oldest version of Windows they’re likely to be familiar with is Windows XP.

What happens when a bunch of teenagers are exposed to the wonders of mid-90s computing and Windows 95 for the first time in their lives?

They’re not impressed.

Watch it here.

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Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is the head of content marketing at Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses.