Apple Watch Could Be Your Next Big Opportunity Into Appreneurship

Apple Watch is on its way! Apple just placed an order for about 6 million units across three models, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Half of these numbers will be made up of the Sport model.

Taking a hint from these numbers, it seems Apple is targeting the young users with the first quarter launch. While the design and build of Apple Watch looks promising, the interface and functionality are expected to set the benchmark for what a wearable canachieve. Apple has already opened up its developer kit for entrepreneurs to start building apps for the Watch platform.

If you haven’t leveraged this opportunity yet, here are 6 reasons why Apple Watch app market should be on your to-do list.

Convenient and user-friendly

Got an Apple TV? Now you’ve got a remote for it on your wrist all the time. The ‘smartwatch’ becomes an extension to a smartphone or any other device paired with it – one that is easy to carry with a simple strap-on (which you’re anyway used to since you probably wear or have worn a watch before).

This classic timepiece has transformed into a smart device enhanced with functionality beyond keeping time. Something that we couldn’t have imagined a few years back, just as we didn’t expect our cell phones to open up a whole new economy. Most of us thought, phone is the epitome of portability devices and it can’t get more portable than this. Enters, the market of wearable devices or smart watches.

This hands free device is stylish to wear and gives you the convenience of responding to notifications conveniently. So your app can interact with your users, giving them the most relevant information, right where they can see them.

Tapping brings personalization

The tapping feature or tap on the wrist gives Apple Watch a personalized feel. One can operate this device by just turning the wrist in a particular way, like users can see the score of the current football game at the turn of the wrist or can get weather updates with another turn.

Apple Watch can add a new dimension to any existing iOS app too. For example a fitness app like Runkeeper (over 22 million downloads), which uses GPS to map your runs, can send its notifications through a mild tap on the wrist. A tap certainly gets the user to check the device and take immediate action.

Leverage early adopters

According to, by 2018, it is estimated that wearable device market will be worth some $12.6 billion. According to many experts, Smartwatches will sweep across the globe in a similar way as smartphones once did.

Your cue? People have already started creating Apple Watch apps’ wishliston various public forums and social media. This wish list includes a smart transport device wrapped around the wrist, which can map the speed, gives directions, or can tell the traffic scene. Few wished for better payment options such as an easy to carry digital wallet.

Being early in the game can help you soar higher than you can imagine. Evernote, one of the most successful productivity apps, gained a huge amount of initial traction by being among the first to launch the app for a new OS version or an entire platform itself.

That brought them in the media limelight as well as the eye of the platform owners. The result – extensive media coverage of the first few apps on a new/updated OS and getting featured on the App Store!

Expand your audience

If you have an app for iOS devices, you can now expand your customer base by offering an app for the Apple Watch. Many apps have already developed a version for the Apple Watch, that too with better and innovative features.

MoneyWiz, for instance, a fully featured finance software has added almost 130 new features and launched an app designed specifically for the Apple Watch. Realmac Software has carefully reduced the core essence of the company’s to-do list app called Clear, in order to adapt it for the Apple Watch.

Some of the third-party Apple Watch apps confirmed and expected on day one are Nike+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many such developers are counting on this opportunity and upgrading themselves to be in the business of technology and cater to the latest market trends.

A device for everyone

Apple Watch will come in various designs and styles, making it a fit for every age group and gender. So the barrier of who will use this device is out of question. With a stylistic form factor and Apple’s ingenious designs, Apple Watch will give everyone a choice to wear what represents them. 

Digital Wallet

According to Statista, in 2012, US retail e-commerce sales amounted to $225.5 billion and are projected to grow to $434.2 billion in 2017. E-commerce industry growing at such a pace makes way for better online payment gateways.

Apple Pay’s extension for the Apple Watch makes it easy and secure to pay without having to pull out your iPhone. With a simple setup, a user can make any simple transaction right from the wrist.

Apple is known to enter the market much later than the competition, albeit with a product that knock the socks off their competitors. Apple Watch could just be that next product to make it big from Apple’s portfolio.

And if it does, make sure you’re one of those entrepreneurs that caught the bus just in time and get ahead of the competition that will follow.

Image courtesy: Forbes

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Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is the head of content marketing at Arkenea, a mobile app consultancy building experience rich apps for startups and businesses.