Strategies for SaaS businesses to Acquire More Customers In 2016

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In the latest episode of #BiteSize, Aaron Ross shares strategies from his new book – From Impossible to Inevitable, on how SaaS businesses can acquire more customers.

Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross (@motoceo) is the author of From Impossible To Inevitable. Aaron is married with 12 children (mostly through adoption), loves motorcycles, and keeps a 25-hour workweek. He’s a keynote speaker and best-selling author of Predictable Revenue, called “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley,” based on an outbound prospecting system that’s created more than $1 billion across and other companies. He’s co-founder and CRO of, a Pipeline Automation software company, and is also the co-founder of

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This new book, that my co-author Jason Lemkin and I are doing, called From Impossible To Inevitable, in this book there are 3 or 4 things we keep telling people, over and over again.

So, the first idea is of nailing your niche, which is about specialising or focusing in not a small target market but something that is defined and you can be focused in. So, you can know exactly who needs you the most, you understand their pains and feelings, and how can you communicate with them the way they are interested. So, first you have to nail your niche. A lot of companies try and sell too many things to too many people and just scatter their energy everywhere.

Number two is realising that overnight success is a fairy tale. If I just build it, if I put an app in the AppStore, if I post a blog, I have some kind of free trial, a whole bunch of people are going to come to me and try it and a bunch of them are going to buy it. But, it doesn’t work that way.

You can have people come to you if you create a product, but you also need to know how to sell, like going out and knocking at the doors to find people and also sell to them. So, do not be afraid of selling, that’s the lesson number two.

The third is realising that it’s hard to build a big business out of small deals. So, if you are a $5/month product to $25/month product, you need a lot of customers or consumers to build any kind of significant business to have some stability.

The sooner you can go upmarket, better because normally bigger deal size makes it easy to make more money for you and those customers tend to be more committed and stable. So, it is better for the underline business.

Now just one more point here, it’ll take years longer than you want to apply these ideas. It’s not a 12-months process, it probably takes at least 24-months, once you start to know your SaaS business is there or not.

So, you have to be patient with while you are working to get it off the ground.

Rahul Varshneya

Rahul is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development consulting firm for fast-growing businesses, providing on-demand engineering talent and MVP development services.